Psychic Medium Blog – Sharon Tenney

Hello and welcome to my mediumship blog!   On the “Home” page on this site you will find my loads of posts about psychic experiences and mediumship!

After reading some of the posts, if you are interested in mediumship readings with me, please go to my website: (or click on my site on the “Blogroll” below) and you will find loads of information about me, including  costs, availability, notarized affidavits of accuracy, and contact information.

In addition, as you read the posts here, you will see that you can go backwards and forwards to new posts and older posts.   You can also view them by topic by clicking on the heading above “Titles by Topic” — it makes it easier to see them all in once place and you can click to the blog entry from there.  I have many interesting experiences that I talk about, so please browse, read and enjoy!  And please drop me a line and let me know what you think of these posts.  Thank you for visiting!

This is a beach in Santa Cruz – beautiful town! Come visit! :)

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