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As is always my policy, I do not want to know anything about you beforehand.  I feel that having no information (except your name, obviously, as I have to make the appointment), that it is better for YOU for confirmation.  That way you know I could not have known anything beforehand.

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5 responses to “Make an Appointment

  1. Hi,
    I’m afraid I am no expert in that area. I do not work in that area at all, nor do I feel it is something that I have interest in. You might try contacting this person (David) at this site:
    He is into that stuff; I am not.
    Go to him. I’m sorry, I will not be of any help to you.

  2. Dear Sharon Tenney
    I thank you for your reply.
    I understand. But is happening to me as we speak I get attack every night and day.
    I’m tired all the time for no apparent reason, cannot concentrate, funny smells, hearing voices in my head and there is lot more symptoms that I cannot explain to you in writing.
    Can you help me with these questions?
    What can you tell me about psychic cord?
    And what do you mean about their life span?
    And does it follow you where you go?
    What I am trying to tell you is that you will never believe what I experiencing now
    If you read my story you will know there is a lot happening that I cannot explain

    Waiting on your reply
    Suleiman Samsodien

  3. Dear Suleiman,
    Honestly, I’m not sure this is a “real” question, so I am cautious here.
    I don’t believe in Voodoo or evil spirits coming to harm a person — unless a person is willing to allow it. As I believe in spirits, I also believe very, very strongly in being firm with any — seen or unseen.

    Frankly, if you can feel them or see them, then you know that they cannot stick around long — their “life span” on “this side,” is short — I think it’s some electrical thing (not sure what to call it).

    Anything that has happened to me with a “negative” spirit, I immediately set the rules and tell THEM what to do — such as “go away,” “get out of here,” “I insist that you leave and I’m ignoring you.”

    If there are “evil” spirits that come around, then that is what one needs to do — take control. After all, you or others may believe they are controlling you — I don’t believe that — YOU control THEM.

    That’s what I would do. Stay away from people who tell you those kinds of things. And don’t be gullible.

    Take care,

  4. Vosloo Neighbours using voodoo on you
    I started hearing voices in my head and I started to think I was getting sick or nerves break down you know.
    I told my wife and friends but they all just said, that you needed I break you over worked and shit like that and I keep telling them its people that doing this and they insisted that I should go to a doctor for a check-up.
    I went to hospitals private doctors in and out of hospitals, they keep saying there is nothing wrong with you, did all kinds of test and everything.
    The voices in my head keep threatening me , tormenting me and would say things like , I want to destroy your life and want 10,000 rand ,I am going to doekoem (voodoo) your family . I want to control you.
    They would say things like we beating this doll that is you and you could feel the hits (impacts) on your body and they would laugh and laugh. Every night they would wake me up and start shouting and screaming in my head and beating me. Then they would make sounds like they under your bed and stabbing you. They would do this every knight.
    Remember you scared freak out of your mind, you cannot think clearly. Remember your mind is being attack. You couldn’t go for help or talk to anybody especially a voodoo doctor they would attack you and watch you’re every move.
    It was like you being prisoned in your own mind you cannot think cause you to scared.
    So I decided to went to the nearest church and they would attack you mind trying to scare you and keeping you away from church. Telling you things that we going to kill you and it’s not going to work, there’s no help nothing they can do.
    A sister in church that had a gift prayed for me and told me that this people wanted you ill off you head (crazy).
    I then sold my house and moved away but they still keep on attacking me every night and day 24/7 Telling me things that, we were teaching voodoo on you and your wife and I was standing right in front of you and stare in to you face and that is how I voodoo you. You don’t know who we are.
    As I am still under attack and afraid, I went to work and didn’t talk to anybody and went straight home after work and again didn’t tell anyone about this cause I was scared and my family would not believe me . Everything you do, they would tell you things like your car won’t start this wound work that won’t work everything you do they would comment on it trying to put you down.
    Then as they were beating me I become stronger and started to figure things out for myself, breaking their rules, learning their voodoo tricks that they using on me and started to fight back. Then I found out that they were infect teaching/showing people how to do voodoo and then they would try to blackmail you for a 10,000 rand

    The reason why I telling you this is because I don’t want it to happen to anybody ells and that any one ells would fall into the same trap.
    If you need more info or help on how it works and how they do it , mail /contact me at or
    Suleiman Samsodien

  5. Can you believe it someone, sending evil spirit to harm you (its real as hell?)
    I recently discovered why I always felt tired, exhausted and felling fatigued for no reason.
    and couldn’t focus in meetings at work. Having a feeling of being watch.
    Then a friend call (phone) me and told me that she heard that people is
    Using voodoo (psychical cord attack)meaning sending a evil spirit to you.
    and wanted to know if it’s true and if I knew about it.
    So I research and Google about this type of things and all the symptoms are there.
    All the things are currently happening to me and its real people I can promise you this.
    So what do you think I should do ANY IDEAS?…………………………………..
    Suleiman Samsodien : ssamsodien@solairetechnologies com

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