Grandmother’s Electrical Spirit Energy Surge Touches Me and Tells That: “It’s Okay.”

Today, I am going to tell you about a reading that I did in Boulder for a workstudy student when I worked in the School of Journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I was thinking about it the other day, and it illustrates how sometimes we just feel “compelled” to read for a person. And sometimes there is a reason for it.

I worked in the office of the School of Journalism (with Sam Archibald, one of the originators of the Freedom of Information Act). There was a workstudy student named Heidi. She was about 18.

One day I was sitting at my desk and felt this overpowering urge to try to do a reading for Heidi. Now, I never really was into giving readings as readings, per se. I had these experiences (some of which you have read — or can read in my ‘Older Entries’ here), but I never sat and actually did “readings.” So, it was a foreign concept to me in many ways. Quite frankly, I wasn’t even sure how to do a “reading.” But I just felt so compelled to sit with her.

I asked Heidi if she had ever had a psychic reading. She said, “No.” I then asked if she’d be willing to let me try one for her, just to see if it “worked.” At the time, of course, I was thinking a “psychic” reading, not a mediumship reading. Heidi cheerfully agreed to be my guinea pig.

At lunch time we went into one of the professor’s offices that was vacant. The office was in the basement of the old, brick, cathedral-type building. There were no windows. There was just a lamp on the desk, a dimly lit lamp. A couple of chairs were near the desk. I asked Heidi to sit in one of the chairs, and I sat in another.

I wasn’t quite sure in what direction to go, so I asked her to sit in front of me and I would “pretend” to “see” her aura. Now, quite frankly, I really don’t see auras very well. In fact, I think it is a very rare gift, in spite of all the books on it. I think there is the ability to see various colors and forms around people, but I’ve only known one or two people in my life who really “saw” them — I mean really saw them, so differently from what one reads about in aura books. So, I realized that seeing auras is not a natural ability, and to even “learn” it is to still only see them in a much-lessened tone than someone who was born with such a gift.

Anyway, I looked over Heidi’s head, her blonde hair glistening like a halo in the dimly lit office. I told Heidi that she didn’t need to be afraid or to be silent — that, in fact, she could talk as often as she wanted to. I asked her to ask me some questions she wanted answers to. We went through a series of questions and answers, and then she asked me where she would be living the next September (this was now the Spring before).

As I “looked” I “saw” this high, multi-storied apartment building near a creek. I knew what this building was because there were very few tall buildings in Boulder. I then took myself “into” the apartment. I walked around and saw the kitchen, the living room with its window looking down upon the creek nearby. I continued to describe it, and finally Heidi exclaimed that it WAS the building she was moving into. That she and a roommate had decided to move there, and they had already reserved the apartment.

As I sat there, a bit surprised it was in such clear detail, I felt this amazing electrical energy charge building up next to me on my right. It felt like one of those Chemistry experiments where one can feel static electricity by holding onto a ball and the charge would go through you and raise the hair on your head. It kept building, and building, and Heidi kept talking and talking.

I finally had to tell Heidi, “Please stop talking — I have something coming in and I don’t know what it is. I have to pay attention.”

With that, I closed my eyes, and focused. I felt the energy charge building, and could distinctly feel that it had a height and width to it. Later when I stood up, I realized it was my height (about 4’10”) and the width was about a person’s girth. As I felt this charge, suddenly the image of a woman appeared to me in my mind’s eye. Normally, when I had seen spirits, they had appeared outside of me, like a regular apparition. This was new to me to see something in my mind’s eye. However, I continued to look at the image.

I began to describe this woman to Heidi. I had a distinct feeling that it was a grandmother. I described her appearance as if she were standing from the side (which makes sense in terms of the energy I was feeling to my right side). I could see her dress, the shiny fabric, the small pattern on it, and her belt around her waist. She had glasses, and gray hair.

I kept hearing over and over again, “It’s okay, it’s alright; it’s okay, it’s alright.” I told Heidi what I was hearing and repeated it. Over and over again, “It’s okay, it’s alright; it’s okay, it’s alright.” I told her that it “felt” like a grandmother and asked if any of her grandmothers were dead. Heidi said “No.” I was baffled. I was quite sure it was her grandmother.

I then asked Heidi if any of her grandmothers wore pantsuits. Now, why in the world I felt like I should ask her this, I don’t know, but I did. It seemed ridiculous, but I said it anyway, “Do any of your grandmothers wear pant suits?” Heidi answered, “Yes, they both do.” I then said, “No pun intended, but this grandmother would never be caught dead in a pants suit!”

Suddenly, Heidi excitedly exclaimed: “I KNOW who it is!! It’s my GREAT-grandmother, and we always called her ‘grandma.’ Just the other day, we were at a family picnic and we were talking about if there was life after death, and if so, if she ‘was okay.’!”

Her grandmother WAS certainly “okay.” Apparently, I wasn’t quite getting the words exactly and I heard “IT’s okay, IT’s alright,” rather than “I’M okay, I’M alright.” Or maybe she just meant over there that the existence is “Okay; Alright.”

Soon it was time to go back to the office, and as we were leaving, Heidi said, “Can you see her shoes??” I thought that was silly, but told her about her old-fashioned, black tied shoes. Then Heidi asked, “Can you see her nylons rolled down over her ankles!” Well, I have no idea if by then I was being led into seeing it or if I really did, but sure enough, there were her feet, black-tie shoes and her nylons rolling down over her ankles.

I told Heidi, “Don’t tell anyone about this — especially your parents — they’ll think you work with a nut case!”

Well, Heidi DID tell her parents. She said that in the car she brought up her reading and began describing the dress I was seeing her great-grandmother in and the belt, when her father interrupted and said, “I can see that belt now!” They were thrilled, rather than mortified by my reading. It had brought a sense of not only closure, but peace, because Heidi had also lost a brother to death, only he hadn’t come through. The sense of peace and comfort was very gratifying.

So, you see, even the silliest things can have meaning in a reading. Heidi couldn’t feel that energy building, but she knew that her great-grandmother “wouldn’t be caught dead” in a pants suit! She was still wearing her dress! And her message, “It’s okay, it’s alright; it’s okay, it’s alright,” gives a clear definition of life after life.

If out of the blue, one day I come up to you and ask, “Would you mind if I gave you a reading?” sit down and relax. We might be going on a long ride… the Other Side.

And remember, “It’s okay….It’s alright.”


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