The other night, someone asked me about how they felt I received this “gift” of mediumship. It’s an interesting question, because there are various opinions about the basis of such abilities.

To me, it is strictly a biophysical thing. I believe that, at least for me, it is the result of birth and biology – essentially, genetic. My father’s mother had it, I have it, and one of my sisters has it. My daughter may have it, but I’ll reserve judgment on that until she is older.

One of the reasons I believe this is because of when I underwent biofeedback. Back in the 1980s, I worked at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment – Edgar Cayce) Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.  While at the Edgar Cayce clinic, staff members were encouraged to experience the various modalities that patients would receive, so that we could empathize with them and understand what they were experiencing. One of these modalities was biofeedback.  [See my entry about:  Reincarnation Group Karma Experience.]

I am a very hyper person naturally. I don’t really enjoy being stressed and hyper, but it seems to be my more natural state. The irony is that many people associate mediumship and psychic abilities with a very calm, meditative state – it is quite the opposite with me. In fact, when I give readings, it really calms me down, but prior to getting into that mental state to receive information, I usually am pretty jumpy.

Biofeedback allows an individual to monitor and record their brain wave states: Beta, the waking and alert state – the one that we normally operate in when awake; Alpha, the more meditative state that one usually uses for psychic and mediumship abilities, and is usually a state one must learn to attain consciously; Theta, the deeper state than Alpha, but not asleep; and Delta, the sleep state.

So, when I tried biofeedback, I was shocked to learn what I did. I was seated in a very comfortable chair, and had something attached to my head and fingers (as I recall). I was hooked to the biofeedback machine. While they were hooking me up, the machine had started to record my brain waves. “This is interesting,” the biofeedback therapist said, “You’re producing a lot of Alpha.” At that time, I had no idea what Alpha was, so I just said, “Oh, what does that mean?”

“This is a state that is harder to attain, and people usually have to work at getting there, and when they do, it’s often just spurts of it, but you seem to be producing a lot right now.” Well, as I told you, I’m very hyper, so I was a bit stunned. Certainly I don’t fit the profile of a relaxed, meditative person. If anyone should be producing all Beta, it should be me. But, the contrary was true. I was naturally producing a lot of Alpha – I was literally walking around in an altered state!!

To me, that is important information. I haven’t been tested since then, however, I would guess that my body just seems to be prime for this kind of work. What I can’t figure out, though, is how one can be both hyper and in an Alpha state. (If anyone out there who reads this has any scientific reasoning regarding this, I’d love to hear about it.)

Thus, I feel that for, whatever reason, my body naturally seems able to produce the brain waves necessary to fall into an altered state and receive information from other dimensions. Maybe I ought to join the Alpha Beta Theta mediumship sorority! Now, where’s my letter jacket??

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