Remote Viewing & Seeing Inside Someone’s House while Giving Readings

I have had a number of people comment on my seemingly ability to “see” into people’s homes.  Now, I honestly don’t know if it’s just sheer mind-reading, or if I am doing what is called “remote viewing.”  Remote viewing is often used to focus on a “target” and then one is supposed to draw or tell what they see – the viewer does not see nor know what the target is.

 Remote viewing has now become something I would like to master (if possible for me).  Let me just give you a few examples of what I do (and have been doing for a long time).

 When I sit with someone I like to give my full attention to details.  That’s important for confirmation.  Oddly, I have found that I often seem to drift to people’s houses or rooms.  This came about as part of a way to “find” validation for them.  I would “ask” to be allowed into the passed individual’s home or room.  Then, I would “look” around the room and describe it.  Eerily, it has been pretty accurate.

 I remember doing a phone reading with someone in the Southern U.S., and describing their father’s house and the trees outside, and just a variety of things.  They were amazed (as was I) that it was just as it is.  I realize that my reputation is Sharon Tenney, Psychic Medium, however, I weirdly often “see” inside of other people’s houses. I’m not sure that is considered mediumship per se, although it is fascinating.

 I find that now I frequently “visit” someone’s house.  Again, I have NO clue how it happens, nor what it would be called.  For instance, recently I read for someone, and asked about a message to his mother from his passed father.  As I’m “visiting” a home, I actually “feel” at home.  This person has a mother in another country.  I did have a message but I wanted to go to her home.  Suddenly, I found myself in the mother’s house.  I described everything including where the couch was (and that it was smaller), to the detailed windows, to the fireplace, and the furniture (which was very dark and old looking).  I mentioned that the furniture looked like it was from her mother – the sitter kept saying “yes.”

 Sometimes I “walk” around, but this time I just stood behind the couch (in my mind’s eye).  As I looked to the left, I noticed the kitchen was there and in stark contrast to the very dark living room, the kitchen was all white!  Again, another confirmation.  I could see the cabinets, sink(s) [it looked like two sinks – not sure if they were or not], and where the refrigerator was placed.  I then directed myself to go down the hallway and realized that the bedrooms were to the right and behind where the fireplace in the living room would be.  I just found it interesting.

 Another time, I had several people doing genealogy, and I was actually asked if I could go back hundreds of years.  I had no idea, but I thought I’d give it a try.  (Perhaps later they will let me share more with their permission.)  Well, this was quite a surprise to me!  I could literally see the covered wagons coming from around the Rocky Mountain area (sometimes I give actual names of places) and I saw how this family originated in California.  It was fascinating.  I saw the three settlements they established, and then they wanted to know more about the (great?) grampa. 

 I found myself in this store – an old-time general store.  I saw the glass on the cabinet of in the store, and “old time” (but new for then), pistols in it.  I could see them talking about legal matters.   Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, so I do not know if there is a historical record of this “transaction” that appeared to take place. 

 At one point with this same family, I “found” myself in another part of California that seemed so familiar to me.  I have not traveled that much through California, so I wasn’t sure where I was.  But I decided to “walk” around the town.  Lo and behold, I discovered that I had, indeed, been there before!  I blurted out the name of the town, and, boy, were we all surprised that it was THE place!  But I “recognized” it because I had been there and I recognized a prominent statue in town. 

 I often ask to be taken to the passed person’s bedroom.  Because we often keep more personal items there, it’s a good place to start to “see” what might be around and how they lived.  I recall seeing even a bedroom where the closet door was missing – it was just something I mentioned because it seemed odd.  Again a confirmation.  I then “look” into bedside table drawers to see what might be in there. 

 I have done this a lot in readings, and, honestly, I don’t know if I’m mind reading, or if it’s actual remote viewing.  I guess either way it’s significant, but I’d really like to know for sure what’s what. 

 One time I read for a Chinese man and “saw” a funeral in China taking place.  I described the scene, the people, what they were wearing and the setting.  He was kind of freaked out, actually!  I was just engrossed in how fascinating it all was – so different from here. 

And a couple of times I have visited the Azores, Portugal.  I read for two Portuguese people separately.  The first time I read for a woman and “saw” the Azores.  Her grandmother “took me around” the island.  It was beautiful.  Another time, I read for another Portuguese woman, only I did not know she was Portuguese.  As I read for her I again saw what looked like the Azores.  I said, “Gee, this looks so familiar.  It looks like when I read for this other woman and her grandmother took me to the Azores.”  At that, she burst out laughing and told me that she was ALSO Portuguese, but she knew I did not like to know information beforehand, so she did not tell me.

 I guess I’ve been around the world in various places just by mind traveling.  I have no idea how it works, how it’s done, but I have to admit, it is fascinating.  Maybe some day I will know – or maybe never.

I just wanted to share another component of how I often read.  Not always do I go to the home of the passed person, or the sitter, but I go often enough that I’m used to it and actually look forward to it. 

 So, I think I will just sit back and travel onto China to visit my daughter in my mind! 😀

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