“Bring in Your Tape Recorder” & Pay Attention to Your Intuition!



Now that I am retired, I want to relate an unusual experience that actually helped me during a very difficult time during my work in a local organization.

I HAVE had some very unusual experiences in my life, and in some ways I have felt guided. Are there Spirit Guides or not? Or are there spirits on the Other Side who just happen to have your interests at heart, and pop in as needed? I have never quite figured out how to separate them, and maybe they don’t need to be separated. Just keep an open mind, and wherever the “information” comes from, just be glad you get it!

I was working in a large agency department here in town, and I worked closely with the head of the department. My life had been very up-turned at that point, and I was clearly hypersensitive. Things had happened that made me quite emotional and sometimes I’d become teary-eyed without an outside obvious reason. However…. I always got my work done, and then some. My work ethic was very strong, and although I did a lot, I did not talk about it all – in retrospect, I probably should have because I know people were unaware of the many tasks I had taken on.

As I am mediumistic/psychic, I do have experiences spontaneously, as well as during a reading. In this case, I got “outside” help — prior information, and a stern warning!

I was walking into my office one afternoon, and suddenly, out of the blue, I heard a male voice say out loud (I couldn’t see him, but could clearly hear him). He said, “Bring in your tape recorder!” Well, even to me that sounded kind of nutty. But I had heard it loudly and clearly! “BRING IN YOUR TAPE RECORDER!”

So I did.

I had NO idea why. But having had unusual experiences before, I thought I’d better listen. Besides, so what if I brought in my tape recorder – it could sit at work, as well as at home.

A month went by. I still had no idea why I had to bring in my tape recorder, and I had no idea who the person was who told me to do so.

About a week later, I was called into the office by the department head for a “meeting.” Suddenly, I just “knew” I was to bring in my tape recorder. From the door of his office, I could only see him and a file cabinet. So, I said, “Let me get my notebook and my purse.” I did get my purse, and I ALSO got my tape recorder! I turned it on and put it into my open purse. As I walked into the office, I saw that another person was there. She was a “big-wig” in the department, but known for not being very nice. In fact, she was known as “The Hatchet Lady.” That should give you an idea of what I was in for.

As I sat through an hour and a half of berating, humiliation, and insults – one of which was that the department head’s desk was messy (not mine, mind you, but his) and I should keep his desk clean! For those of you reading and know where I worked, you’ll immediately recognize the situation!  (It’s okay to laugh!)

I had a memo that was handed to me which outlined my “weaknesses,” one of which was my over-sensitivity (hey, I’m a medium people! I am sensitive!).  In addition to my boss’s messy desk, there were little things added in, one of which was  that I might consider some counseling about my “sensitivity,” which I had already begun. (I knew I was fragile, and someone as sensitive as myself can always use a person outside work or family to talk to.)

Now, the other part was, I knew about Personnel – as I had worked in that section for a number of years. I knew that this initial “memo” was the beginning of how they get rid of someone. Although each item that they covered had already been taken care of, or was in the process of being taken care of, it shook me to the core. But…I had taped that entire hour and a half! The person/guide/friend/family – whoever he was, had prepared me for this moment.

I went home and put the entire conversation between the three of us on a CD. I now had ample evidence to support my claims against theirs. Enduring an hour and a half of put-downs, criticisms, humiliations and also being told I should clean my boss’s desk (I already washed his lunch dishes and silverware for him, not to mention that I frequently dropped off the forgotten wallet or keys that lay on his desk numerous time to his house!).

I was rightfully upset and outraged. And I knew “The Hatchet Lady” intended to cut me. There were other cuts falling all around me, and things were changing – I knew I was part of that falling – but…I was not about to fall for things I had not done wrong! THAT was where my CD had every, single word on it.

Yes, I did use the CD to show my “real” side of the story. There was no way to dispute what was said. Eventually, I started thinking about early retirement. I had all the proof I needed, and I used it. However, I also knew that being as sensitive as I am (I mean, how many people have someone who is “invisible” tell you to bring in a tape recorder beforehand, and for a very good reason?), that I should think of just extricating myself from that situation.

The whole CD was transcribed and typed out. It was handed to the officials who needed it. Fortunately, I did not have to go before a board or anything, but I had real proof, verbatim, of what was said. Every…Single…Word!

Are there Spirit Guides, is it our unconscious, and are there spirits looking out for us? I think so. I don’t run around and name any spirit guides, but I’m aware of spirits, in general, around us. I didn’t recognize his voice, so I have no idea who it was, but he clearly wanted me to be prepared. “How” did I know that was the day and that was the time I was to use the tape recorder? It was at a very basic gut level. It can be compared to the simple example of how we just “know” who is calling us, or we are thinking about someone and a few days later they contact you out of the blue. It’s a gut level of intuition that “talks” to you.

Pay attention! That is the key! Pay attention to those people, places and things around you. Allow yourself to relax, even momentarily, so that you are receptive and sensitive enough if someone wants to let you know something.

For me, it brought me much solace to know that “someone” out there could “see ahead to the future,” and “knew” what was coming up – knowing that I did not have that information. So, he did the best he could – he warned me, I got the message and I brought in my tape recorder! Boy, am I glad I did.

Sometimes that “little voice in your head,” may just step outside and tell you clearly and loudly, that it is there! Don’t ignore it – you never know when that “odd voice,” or “gut feeling” will tell you where to go. Trust your intuition and inner (or outer) voice. Pay attention!

“Thank you” to the spirit who so kindly helped me! I am grateful! (Oh, excuse me, I think I hear someone talking to me again…lol…you never know when they will show up!)





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