Spirit Produces Psychic Movie for After-Death Confirmation


After all the depressing deaths lately, and the awful rain out here in Central California with the mudslides, fallen trees, no electricity, lack of phones and water, floods, well, I got to thinking about SPRING!! Yes, sunshine, flowers, dry weather, longer and lighter days, warmth….ahhhh, how I long for that good weather again!

It also got me to thinking about working in my yard with all the foliage I have, the gardening I need to do, plants to be planted, and weeds to be pulled. Now, that got me to thinking about a reading I did a couple of years ago….see how my train of thought goes??! 🙂 This also got me to thinking about how another person’s reading can help a lot of people. You’ll see what I mean in a minute…..

Well, this was a very phenomenal reading to me. The young man for whom I read was referred to me by someone I knew, named Mary. She had begun dating him, and knew about me, and he had a loss that she felt could be relieved a bit by a reading. So, Rick came to my house for his Sunday afternoon reading.

It ended up it was Rick’s father who came through strong and with quite a message. Mary accompanied Rick and she was sitting in my kitchen – I had the door closed between the kitchen and the living room where Rick and I were sitting.

As I read for Rick, his father came through quite powerfully. I mean, the energy field was palpable. I could really feel it. This man must have been quite charismatic, because he had that kind of energy that one feels when they’re around a very charismatic person, and you are just immediately attracted to that individual.

I received some very pertinent information for Rick, and some which was later confirmed by his mother – information he had no awareness of but she most certainly knew about. I was sitting on the couch and Rick was in a chair in front of me. Finally, Rick said to me: “Can you tell me how he died?” Well, quite frankly, I hadn’t “seen” it. I didn’t know if after an hour of reading if I could “see” his cause of death or not. If I hadn’t been “allowed” to see it by then, I had doubts that I would see it.

I told Rick that sometimes I’ve experienced that the spirit may want to “protect” the person from re-experiencing the trauma of their death by not showing me how they died. But I figured I could try. So, I asked Rick if he would “talk” to his father (after all, I really could feel him near me, so I figured he could “hear” Rick). I asked Rick to give permission to his father to “show” me his death. So, Rick obliged and asked his father to “please show Sharon how you died.”

Then one of the most interesting things happened. Suddenly, I “saw” a “movie” appear in front of me. It was like a computer screen loading up – from the bottom up. Just like a computer loads a photo (usually top down there, though), this “movie” started loading at the very bottom.

First I saw the trunk of a tree and grass. Then I saw the bottom of a ladder begin to form at the bottom of the tree. As the movie continued loading, I saw the ladder rungs continuing to go higher into the tree. THEN…..I saw Rick’s FATHER climbing the ladder at the top. As I watched this “movie,” I described step-by-step what I was seeing. I explained that I saw a tree, then a ladder, then his father climbing the ladder. Then I saw his father holding these huge PRUNING SHEERS! I mean they were big! And just as suddenly, I saw his father plunge to his death while pruning this tree!! I gasped out loud! “He died pruning the tree!!” It was an accident!

Well, just as I started describing the pruning sheers, I also heard a loud gasp coming from BEHIND the couch I was sitting on!! It was Mary! She had quietly crawled in behind the couch to listen to Rick’s reading – I was so “out of it” (in my altered state) that I hadn’t even noticed that she had come in.

Mary exclaimed, “As soon as I heard you say, ‘pruning sheers,’ I knew you were seeing it!”

By now, Rick was very emotional and Mary was in shock, and I was equally stunned! Here was, to me, an unusual way to die – not cancer, heart attack, car accident, but pruning a tree!

I am forever grateful to his father for allowing me to see this “movie” of the way he crossed over. It showed me that the spirits really DO protect us – he didn’t want to upset his son anymore, however, when Rick requested and gave his permission for him to show me, he obliged. This was the proof Rick was seeking. He knew it was an unusual way to die.

But, also, I have to admit, now when I am working in my yard, I am much more careful!! Yes, I DO think about how Rick’s father died pruning that tree and I make sure I either don’t prune trees on my own, or if I have to go higher up on a ladder that I always have someone holding it for me. Even mundane lessons like that are very valuable and obtained through a reading.

Having seen so many different ways people die, and the way the survivors must suffer through these losses really makes it important to caution people: drive carefully, take care of your body, follow safety rules, don’t kill yourself! It’s the people who are left who suffer day after day once you are gone. Use prevention!! Safety first! Think before you act!

Okay, you get the point. The “dead” not only teach us about life after death, but how to prevent untimely deaths. They give comfort through their confirmations, but they also give good guidance.

Take it from the dead: LIVE!!


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