Psychics and Mediums Who Give Very Inaccurate Readings

I’d like to just give some examples of a “medium” or “psychic” who were not real. The entry of Mr. Cheese Cloth IS unusual (he deserved his own entry page!), however, there are many out there who either knowingly or unknowingly will defraud you. To me, that is why this is such a difficult field to work in. There are those who will intentionally dupe you — those are just cruel people. Then there are those who desperately want to be mediumistic and will tell you anything and insist it’s from a deceased loved one. I think that’s more what happened here, in the case of “Marris” below (the last example). However, it is still good to be alerted to the variances in style, people, and what really is or isn’t mediumship. So, I am relating three different encounters I had with psychics/mediums.

As I said before, it probably is much easier for me to spot someone who is not a medium just because I’ve had this all my life. However, occasionally I will get a psychic or mediumship reading just out of curiosity or because I want to know how they work. The latter was the case in Marris’s reading I had about a year and a half ago.

Just like many people, I’m looking for the elusive and good medium or psychic. (I’ve never found a true psychic, by the way.)

Anyway, I looked in our local paper for ads about psychic readings. My first encounter was one woman with whom I did not have a reading, however, it was amusing in a way because I called her (I will call her ‘Susan’) and she made an appointment for me. She was supposed to be “the best” in the area. While on the phone making the appointment, she talked about one of her own personal interests that she was working on and some legal problems with it. In the midst of telling me, she declared, “You’re psychic, you tell me what is going to happen with this!” I was a bit taken aback, but threw out that I saw her in a large article and the problem would be successfully resolved. With that, we hung up and I waited for my appointment.

A few weeks later, I called to confirm, like I was supposed to, and by this time, the article had appeared and the situation was successfully resolved. (I don’t know how much was really psychic, or just good instincts.)

Then Susan wanted me to become involved in her mission, but I didn’t want to be. And when we talked about how her “problem” had been solved and the big article about her and it, plus that I didn’t want to become involved in her project, she got very angry with me and screamed at me, “I’m not going to give you a reading!!” and she slammed the phone down! And with that, phone in hand, I was stunned but relieved, because during the course of our short conversations, it was apparent that she had some emotional problems, and, quite frankly, I didn’t want to be involved at any level with her because of them. So, I never did get the reading from her, but my hunch is that she was a bit perturbed by my saying that she would appear in this article and the situation would be resolved, so she may have been feeling threatened, and didn’t want to confront me — she never did then, nor now, meet me, so I know it wasn’t anything personal, as she doesn’t know me. Essentially, someone that disturbed and angry is not going to be able to give a good reading anyway.

There was one “psychic” whom I found in the book “100 Best Psychics” and had a reading from her. Again, I will not divulge the name. I don’t have much detail here, as I didn’t have a phone reading nor an in-person reading — I had to mail my 3 questions to her and she then sent me back an audiotape with the reading on it.

Suffice to say, the reading which was supposed to be done as soon as she received my payment (she immediately cashed my check that day) and it was not done as expected. In fact, I had to call several times once the check was cleared to get it. In the course of the conversations, things came out about me….which she then USED in the reading. In fact, the ENTIRE reading was based on the few things I had said to her!! There was NOTHING in the reading that was relevant. In fact, most of the “reading” was her talking (on tape) about HER work…how good she was, what had been written about her, and many, many little affirmations that she wrote.

The tape was 1/2 hour (the other side was not taped). The price was $140. The thing I remember most about her reading, was “May the bluebird of happiness rest on your shoulder.” Well, I think that bird did more than just rest on my shoulder….if you get my drift!

The other individual, I will call “Marris,” and she also advertised locally, like “Susan,” and Marris said that she was a medium and psychic. Since there were no other mediums advertised (I don’t advertise locally at all) I figured I’d give her a call.

Marris and I set up an appointment and she was charging $150/hour — either a one hour appointment or half hour — I chose the latter. She actually came to my house — I thought that was impressive that she would go door-to-door with her services.

Marris seemed very nice. She was older, had shiny red hair, a peasant dress and lots of jewlery. We had some tea and then she began to read. She told me that my “uncle” was there. I asked if she could describe him to me, as I had a number of uncles. The only uncle I knew well was my mother’s brother. All of my relatives lived in the country on farms except for us — my mother left the country for the city when she was 17.

Marris couldn’t describe my “uncle.” She then proceeded to tell me that my uncle was now a FAIRY!! That was one that I just couldn’t swallow! She went through this whole fairy scenario — that he was light and airy and flying around — my closest uncle was about 300 pounds! Hardly “airy.” Not only was he a fairy, but she went on to say that he had molested me!! Now, to me, that was going way too far. As a social worker, I do not feel it is proper to say such things, especially if you do not have a basis for them, except it’s a deceased person who appears as a fairy!

I just couldn’t accept it, and told Marris so. She told me that I was molested but just didn’t remember it. Well, it would have been pretty difficult to be molested by someone who lived 35 miles away whom we rarely saw and when we did it was a huge family get-together. No, my uncle was not that kind of individual, and I certainly had no feelings in that direction. And remember, she said he was now a fairy! (After my reading, I did hear from others who knew of her, and apparently SHE had been molested, considered herself a “survivor,” and she frequently accused others of having been molested, too. Thus, another situation where the individual had personal issues that interfered with any reading.)

Well, once I made it clear to Marris that I wasn’t going down the molestation road with her, she switched to spirit guides. She couldn’t get any other spirits for me, so she went to guides. Now, I have had some encounters with beings that may have been guides for me, and they certainly did not take the form that Marris was about to tell me.

Marris proceeded to inform me that my spirit guide was…in fact…the one and only …. SITTING BULL! Yes, that’s right — according to Marris, Sitting Bull, the great Indian, was now my personal guide. I DID find that one hard to fathom. And then she went on and on about Sitting Bull, Indians, and other Indian-related topics, including referring me to books about Indians.

By the end of the reading I hadn’t received any tangible information. All I knew was that Marris seemed to believe my uncle was now flying around as a fairy, and my spirit guide was Sitting Bull.

I was relieved when the reading was over and reluctantly paid her the $75.00 because I had made an agreement to pay for a reading — like the reading or not. And that’s what I did.

So, the moral of this story is to be aware. Many of us seek someone who may know the “answers.” Many of us want consolation in our grief. However, please be aware that not all advertised psychics are psychic and not all advertised mediums are mediums. And, if you do get a bad reading, there is nowhere to report them, so just grit your teeth, grin and bear it, know that deep inside YOUR intuition IS working (it let you know that this wasn’t the real thing), and pay the fee because you must honor your agreement.

And, that my friends, is a bit of background on what I have encountered in the world of psychics and mediums. You can see why I generally stay away from the New Age crowd around here. Most people in my town do not know about me — I get my appointments here by referrals.

Again, please be wary. Sometimes it’s just necessary to take readings with a grain of salt. See it as an experience and don’t let readings determine your future. YOU are your own best psychic!! Your own intuition is usually a better gauge than someone else’s. And if you run into someone telling you your 300 pound uncle is now flying around as a fairy… as fast as you can!!

I hope you enjoyed these and let me know what you think!

Until next time…may the bluebird of happiness…….



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2 responses to “Psychics and Mediums Who Give Very Inaccurate Readings

  1. megan

    I really enjoyed your article because I myself had a similar experience. I found a ‘reputable’ psychic medium that was listed as 1 of top 10 psychics. I desperately wanted to connect with a loved one that passed away recently. My psychic failed to connect with anyone I knew, or validate anything about me or the spirit. It was actually laughable. The only good thing is that my psychic realized this fairly quickly and refunded my money (and he was expensive!!). I now have my doubts whether mediums really exist.

    • Megan, I feel for you. It is very difficult to find someone good. I sometimes find (not often, but it’s happened a couple of times) that I can’t connect with someone. Generally, it works. And I work very, very hard at validation, because that is the key to confirmation.

      I, obviously, understand. I DO think the psychic field is overwhelmed with frauds, unqualified people, and those who just took a one-day class or read a book and think they are now professionals. It’s really hard to find.

      The best way to find a good one is via word-of-mouth. Many people come to me that way — it’s always good when you are able to recommend someone to another person who is in need of that connection.

      Thanks for sharing your experience — I don’t feel so alone now!

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