Aunt’s Face Transfigured on Others’ Faces — A Synchronistic Intuition Clue


Greetings. We all have some intuitive sense. Just like with music, where some seem to pick it up more quickly or are naturally adept, so it seems to be in the psychic world. Some people just seem to naturally have the “gift,” others can be trained to work with latent abilities, but not attain the same level as those who seem to be more naturally-inclined.

However, although there are varying degrees of ability, we still have SOMETHING with which to work. I often use the analogy of prehistoric days: If there was a huge sabertooth tiger around the corner, one should better be able to sense that, or one would be dead. Thus, I do believe our intuitive capabilities stem from the beginning of time, and as technology grew, our intuitive abilities diminished — they just weren’t needed as much. However, we can still recognize them and “practice” them.

Because I have had many psychic experiences throughout my life, I am sometimes more alerted to intuitive bursts than I would normally be. Let me give you an example of intuition which might normally be pushed aside.  This “phenomena” that happened is called “transfiguration,” although at the time I did not know that word.  It was pretty amazing to me.

When I worked at the University of Colorado in Boulder, I would take pleasant walks alongside a calm lake. These walks were very soothing to me. This particular day, I walked over the bridge of the lake, and someone else passed me by. As I looked up at them, I saw the FACE of my AUNT super-imposed on THEIR face! Well, you can imagine my surprise. Of course, I figured I was just imagining it.

The next day, walking on campus under beautiful shade trees, the same thing happened! I looked up at the person passing me, and saw my aunt’s face super-imposed on theirs! Well, I began to think I was having a problem.

On the THIRD day, I was again walking through campus, enjoying the calmness, and as someone passed me, again, I saw my aunt’s face super-imposed on theirs. Well, that was too much.

I realized by the third day that it couldn’t have been an accident. I hadn’t seen this aunt for at least 10 years, nor did I have any contact with her. I had seen spirits before, so suddenly I thought, “Oh, my gosh, she must have died and is trying to contact me!” I really couldn’t figure it out. So, I went to the local library, took out a Buffalo phone book and looked up her address. I was too embarrassed to call.

I wrote her a nice letter inquiring about her and the family and giving my regards. (I did not mention my experience.) A week later, I received a reply from her! She wrote to me, “I was so surprised to receive your letter, but so glad. Your uncle and I were going through the attic and we found a poem you had written about your mother [who had died] that was in the “Buffalo News” and we thought you would like to have it. But we didn’t know where you were! Then, suddenly, I received your letter and now I know where you are!” And she enclosed the clipping of my poem about my mom.

So, you see, sometimes we may be thinking of someone very frequently, or seeing books in stores that seem to “jump” right out at us. These can be “clues” that something or someone is trying to give us information.

The moral of the story is that one should be on the alert for intuitive “hints.” Although it is advised to not look at every single little thing and interpret it as a spiritual sign (THAT could be a real problem), we also want to be aware that we never know when our feelings about someone or something may really have significance. Using balance and weighing the event, you should be able to get a feel for if it is “real” or not. And, as you see, I try to “test” out if my experience is real or not. That’s why I wrote to my aunt. I figured if it meant nothing, then at least I would have written a nice letter. But I never would have known if I hadn’t tried to reach her — and I’m glad I did because it was fruitful for each of us.

As always, please feel free to comment and look over the other entries (you can see them all by title and topic by clicking above). Please let me know what you think.

With that, I urge you to “tune in” and listen to your intuition and your heart.

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