Dreams and Spirit Communication

The Temple Guard - Kyoto - Version 3

Dreams can be one of the easiest ways for spirits to communicate. My feeling on this is that it is easier to telepathically connect through the dream state, than to either materialize or create clairaudience (hearing spirits outside of yourself) — or the receiver person may not have the ability of mediumship.

During my readings, I often will have a spirit tell me that they have contacted that person through a dream. It is their way of confirming for the person that they truly were in touch with them.

Communication dreams are quite different from normal dreams. Communication dreams are usually in vivid colors, almost day-glo colors, there is often audible sound or music, and it “feels” as if the person IS right there next to you. And, of course, they are! The dream may have components of a regular dream, in that there may be symbols, or unusual settings, but the sense that this is different and “real” continues.

Let me give you an example of one I had many years ago. I was married to a man named Bill, when I was only 23-years-old. Unfortunately, Bill died an untimely death when I was 25. Soon after he died, I had this dream.

In my dream, I walked into Bill’s mother’s kitchen. The colors were bright red, orange and yellow. Standing in the kitchen doorway, I looked over and saw a COFFIN on top of the stove! Understandably, I was quite surprised. Looking into the coffin, I saw that it was Bill. At that, I said, “Oh, Bill’s dead.”

Suddenly, Bill jumped up and leaped out of the coffin, stood under the kitchen light which was now creating a glowing white light surrounding him. From beneath this light, he reached out to me and exclaimed, “I’m not dead — I still love you!”

And with that, the dream ended.

Of course, a standard dream interpretation can be applied — I do suggest combining interpretations: standard and metaphysical.

In the dream, to me, Bill’s mother’s kitchen was nurturing. Food is sustenance, and the coffin on the stove meant, to me, that he was not cold in the ground, but rather warm with life. Certainly, his leaping out of the coffin is obvious — he’s alive. Also, the colors in the kitchen were “communication” colors: red, orange, yellow. Standing beneath the “white light” could easily symbolize the light of spirituality and God. And, of course, his “message” to me that he was “not dead,” and that he “still loved” me, was comforting.

Certainly, most dreams are not communication dreams. But, there are the few that may be. I still urge caution to not interpret every dream as a communication from spirit. When you have one, it will be evident how different it is.

But if someone you love dies and shortly thereafter you have a vivid intense dream with a “message,” either spoken or understood (such as in the dream, stroking your hair, or hugging you, but no words), then you may, indeed, have made contact.

It is easiest to remember your dreams (although with communication dreams one does not usually forget upon waking), by keeping a notebook and pencil next to your bed. Upon awakening, do NOT move. Lay there and think about the dream (or dreams) you had. Go over the dream in your mind in detail. After you have done that, THEN reach over for your notebook and pencil and write it down. Also date it. THEN get up and enjoy your morning.

Keeping a dream diary is very useful. Not only may it record communication dreams, but it can help you with sorting through daily issues in your life, give you insight into problems you may be dealing with, or give you guidance about which direction to take. Dreams are obviously essential to life, because we all dream. Therefore, take them seriously, and work with them. After all, “In our dreams, the spirits speak to thee.” And so does our subconscious!

With that, tonight have pleasant dreams.


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