German (Jewish) Past Life Memory While a Teenager

Sometimes we may experience a past life memory and not realize that is what it was. I had this kind of experience when I was about 13 and it was years later when I realized the significance of it.

I lived in a quiet neighborhood and used to take many walks. Occasionally, I would be on the sidewalk and I’d “see” — a kind of vague “vision” (there was sunlight and I think it was hard to get the kind of vision like the “movie” from the castle ballroom in my previous entry).

I’d be quietly walking along and then suddenly, out of nowhere, this “car” — an older model, black car (the kind like you’d see in movies with gangsters) with “riders” along the side of it would go by. Now, certainly I realized it wasn’t “real,” but it also certainly FELT real. As this car would go by, I’d become panicky, and then I’d begin to “run away” from it. As I’d run, I’d be “dodging” bullets. Now, how I knew it was bullets, I don’t know. But I’d run in zig zags to avoid them.

It is very strange when these visions hit. Unlike schizophreniza, where one feels that visions are actually part of the reality, psychics know that they are not. This happened a few times during this age. It wasn’t until years later that it made sense.

Now, not long after this time period, I was in 9th grade and I was required to learn a language in high school. Our school often directed students into languages based on their ethnic background. My great-grandmother on my mother’s side was from Germany, so I was placed in a German language class. That was a big mistake.

In this German class, all I remember is (in German, which I don’t remember the correct spelling of, so I will give the English version) “I go to the door.”

The German language revolted me. I mean it truly revolted me. Each coarse sound grated on my nerves and scraped up my spine. It was awful. During that first week of the class, I bolted to the guidance counselor’s office and DEMANDED that I be taken out of that German class! I mean, I was frantic! It was explained that because I had a German family member, that I should take German. I refused. I INSISTED on being placed in another language class — I didn’t care WHAT it was, as long as it was NOT German!!

Well, I guess it was apparent how upset I was, and I was placed in a Spanish class — much to my relief. That language I could handle. (And years later, I spent three wonderful weeks in Spain — my favorite country in Europe!)

After graduating from high school and going to the local university, I had a strong attraction to Judaism. I had no idea why, only that I felt extremely comfortable with it. I loved the religion, I made a great chicken and matzo ball soup, I attended various temples with friends. I wanted to convert at one point, but my Jewish friends all told me that I would never be considered a “real” Jew, but merely a convert. So, I sadly didn’t.

Upon studying the holocaust and reincarnation, it finally dawned on me. The black old car with riders on the side, the bullets, my deep aversion to German, and my strong attraction to Judaism — I sincerely believe I was a Jew during the German holocaust. Thus, my disgust with the German language, my fear of the car and bullets (Jews were known to be shot down in the streets — and “The Diary of Anne Frank” I read and re-read as a teenager), my attraction to Judaism, and my relief with Spanish (probably another past life connection I do not consciously remember).

I just remember how fervently I desperately needed to get out of that German class — I will never forget the horror and repulsion I felt hearing German spoken (sorry, Great Gramma).

Of course, other particular likes and dislikes MAY have roots in past lives, but they may simply be just preferences. I do not relate all feelings or attractions to past lives — I do believe many preferences (probably most) are just the result of our current lives. Plus, it really doesn’t matter so much about the past, because we still have to live in the here and now. And, that, truly is what is important.

However, I wanted to share that with you because this simple example made such a big impact on my life. And sometimes, just maybe, what we feel extremely strong about or against, may be a “clue” to our past life history.

So, please remember that we are all in this together. Let’s make history together!

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