Grampa’s Spirit TUGS on EAR to Communicate During Group Reading!

Lighthouse Sailboat - Version 3

My friend, Julie, and her sister, and her niece arrived at my home and joined about eight other people for a group reading. I sometimes enjoy group readings because they are each so different, they usually go faster than an individual reading, and it seems that the group energy helps messages to come through.

I had read for Julie before and had “met” her grandfather. Her grandfather had died when he was quite young – in his late 30s – and was a writer and entertainer. He was well-loved in his small town in Portugal.

During the group session, I noticed that Julie and her sister and niece all seemed to emanate a huge energy field. This is because, I believe, that all of them have psychic/mediumistic abilities, too, only they don’t use them. However, the energy from the three of them combined was so strong that I literally had to separate them from the group and place them together against one wall so that I could “feel” other people’s energy to read for them.

I went around the room and read for the people. One woman with whom I had done an individual reading before, was quite surprised when her adopted mom came through and gave her the message that “it was good for her to continue her new project and that she approved of it.” Of course, I had no idea what that meant, only that her adoptive mom was giving her approval for what she was now getting involved in. This woman gasped, and said that just a couple of days before, she had begun a search for her birth mother. She was delighted to know that her adoptive mom was supportive of her search.

I finally came over to Julie, her sister and her niece. The first person to come through was their grandmother, who had not come through during my reading with just Julie. It was so funny, because I could see the grandmother walking through carrying these huge, heavy books and handing them to her and her sister. I described their grandmother and said: “It looks as if there is something wrong with her eyes, like she might be blind. And she walks over to you carrying these huge, heavy books in her arms and hands them to you.” With that, Julie exclaimed outloud,

“Oh, %*&$#@! I can’t believe she is STILL lugging around those books!!!”

Of course, I had no idea what she was referring to, but then they explained. When they were younger and grandma was still around, she was legally blind. And, each night she would insist that Julie and her sister would read out loud to her – from these huge encyclopedias! We all had a good laugh at that.

Now, not usually do I see spirits “outside” of me, but this was an unusual day. As I continued to talk to Julie and her sister and niece, I actually “recognized” their grandfather! Yes, I had seen him before when I had read separately for Julie and I recognized him. Neither Julie or her sister had met him in real life, as he had died before they were born. However, I saw him — like he was a holograph — with his fancy suit, and “dancing” through the room toward them – just as entertaining as I bet he was in real life! A very exuberant, fun, charismatic man. What a joy to watch!!

I told them that their grandfather was here and he was going and standing behind them. And to just let them know that he was there and loved them. Now, of course, I am sure that some people thought that I was hallucinating. And you may think so, too. But let me finish.

After the group reading, Julie’s sister came over to me and in both amazement and with a bit of trepidation, said to me: “The weirdest thing happened while I was sitting there. I actually FELT someone TUG on my ear!!”

I explained that sometimes I “feel” them, too, and it was just the spirit’s way of letting them know they were there. I figured that was that.

The next day, Julie called me. She was very excited. The two sisters had gone home and told their mother about the day’s events. As they spoke about Julie’s sister’s ear being “tugged,” their mother interrupted and said, “Oh, that was your grandfather!!” To their amazement, she continued, “He was very popular with the village children, and as they would gather around him, to tease them……he would TUG on their ears!!!”

It’s one thing for me to tell someone about their loved one being there, but it’s certainly another to have THEM also witness and experience that communication. This was a very special gift to them. I could “see” their grandfather, but they actually “felt” him. And their mother confirmed it by telling them something they didn’t even know!!!

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