How My Mediumship Readings Are Conducted

I thought I would give you an idea of how a reading works with me. By now, you may have already read some of my notarized affidavits – if not, you can find them on my website:  With this kind of confirmation, that it’s hard to ignore. Unfortunately, there is no way to know ahead of time how each reading will be. I do find that I prefer in-person readings more, although phone readings can be just as good, however, there is not that more personal touch as when one is right there in person.

The first step before the reading begins is to have the individual write down all the people they know who have gone over to the other side. This helps to refresh the memory if someone comes through who they may not have expected. this list is ONLY for the individual — I do NOT see this list!! The first rule of mediumship is: “DO NOT TELL ME WHO HAS PASSED BEFOREHAND!!” So, this list is just to help you refresh your memory because sometimes people may “pop” in who don’t “belong” to you (see my entry about “Can the Dead TOUCH Us? — The Impact of the Shared Necklace”).

Usually the reading begins with a short meditation. Then I move onto “reading” above a person’s head to see what is in their energy field. This part I call “the ‘pretend’ part.” The reason I call it “pretend,” is that I don’t really see the colors so well in a person’s field, and on the phone I literally cannot see it at all. So, I just call it pretend because I can’t really say what this “auric” field is, but it seems to help me to focus more and to get into a better “receiving mode.”

Looking over a person’s head into their field is not as specific. I can usually sense generalities, and sometimes get specific things that are going on in a person’s life. I usually work from the past into a bit of the future, if possible. Having verbal confirmation is very important while I am doing this.

With this next part, it is very, very important that I hear your voice clearly and loudly and that I receive as much verbal confirmation as possible. Confirmation seems to help me to continue to retrieve information. During this part, I move onto seeing “who” is around me. Often it starts with a vague feeling of gender, although sometimes it can come in very quickly. I think that how quickly and precisely this happens has much to do with the person being read. If the person I am with is also mediumistic to a degree, it seems to help facilitate the process. If not, I may have to work harder at getting the information.

Sometimes I get names, many times I don’t. Usually I get the relationship. First the gender, then the relationship. I “divide” the spirits up into “groups”: My left side is the male and father’s side; my right side is the female and mother’s side; in front of me are non-relatives and friends; behind me (which I don’t usually delve into unless truly compelled to) are ‘spirit guides.’ The way I feel the energy near my body will often indicate if it’s male, female, which kind of relative (close or farther away, i.e. grandparent, aunt, as opposed to mother/father).

I then “talk” to the spirits, as they are identified and confirmed and “ask” them questions. I try to get as much tangible confirmation as possible. It’s not always easy, as it is sort of like playing psychic charades. Unless the spirit is very adept at communicating (such as “Louis” in my entry of “Life After Death Evidence”) they often show pictures, send me feelings, and try to show events. I just repeat back what I see, hear or feel. I’m basically just the “parrot” in all of this.

Sometimes the spirits will show me how they died, or give me a feeling in my body of what was affected and how it might have been. One thing I have noticed, though, is that the more tragic the death (such as suicide), often the harder it is to “see.” It seems that the spirits try to protect those here and keep them from reliving the tragedy. Sometimes I will ask the person I am reading for if they will “give their permission” for me to see how the spirit died. About 50% of the time it allows me then to go through their death experience.

If I can’t “find” someone, I may ask you for a first name, and then the “strongest” spirit who has shown up at that point, I will ask to go and try to find the requested spirit. It may sound funny, but it does seem to work. It may take five or ten minutes, but often the requested spirit will then show up!

Usually many questions you may have had are already answered in the reading. If not, you are free to ask, however, not always is an answer given. I think that, for some reason, we are not allowed to “know all.”

And by the end of this process, we’ve usually run through a number of spirits who wanted to get through. Sometimes, though, only one main spirit may “take over” my energy field, and I cannot “see” others who may be around. Usually, though, it is the main spirit that the individual wanted to see anyway.

I do not go into an unconscious state — I am still alert. I may see, feel or hear things you don’t, but I do not look any different. Sometimes I talk very fast, other times very slowly. Quite honestly, I have no idea ahead of time how the reading will go — that’s always nerve-wracking for me. I wish it were predictable and each reading was similar, but they’re not. Each of you are individual, and so are your readings.

And as for taping readings, usually I find that it doesn’t work well (I need to find better recording equipment) because even with an external microphone, I often just get static, the tape goes blank in parts, or the tape even breaks. I suggest that people take notes. And that’s basically how it works. Pretty simple, actually.

So, you see, I’m just a parrot! Squawk, squawk!!


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