Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Don’t be Late to Meet Your Loved One for a Reading Appointment!


The identity of the individual who came for a recent reading is confidential, however, something happened that struck me on a couple of levels. Phenomenon actually occurred while I was waiting for the woman to arrive at my home!

I learned that if you actually prepare for your reading according to the instructions given – meaning you “talk” to your loved ones who have passed and ask them to be at my place on a certain date at a certain time. I knew it was important to ask the spirits/loved ones to meet at the appointed time, but I got quite a surprise during this reading!

This woman was very fortunate that her loved one who had passed was very expressive during her reading. The reading went for over two hours because so much information and various individuals had shown up. The person she wanted to see, a man, did not show up immediately.

I always take the spirits who have the strongest energy and work with them first. In this case, two spirits who immediately appeared had definite messages for her mother. I worked hard to get precise information for her mother, although I know she really wanted someone else to come through. Therefore, when you come for a reading, just be prepared that the individual you are seeking may not show up first. However, they usually DO show!

After I received the information that she had to deliver her message to someone else, I was then able to connect with the main person she wanted to communicate with. It was a very interesting reading with a lot of validation. I do NOT like to know anything about you beforehand, if at all possible. This makes it good for both of us: I do not know anything and cannot be influenced by something you already told me, and you get instant validation knowing I could not know this information.

In addition, this woman had a friend with her who witnessed the entire reading – and she could also confirm the details coming through. It was a wonderful reading and I am so glad that the man she sought came through and that there was a third party to witness it.

As I waited for him to connect with me (some spirits find it easier to connect more quickly and easily than others), I could feel his energy entering mine. Finally, he appeared and more validation came to let her know he was actually present.

Here is the clincher, though …. apparently, he had been at my house BEFORE she arrived.

The woman had called me almost at the appointed time to meet me – around 5 p.m. She explained that traffic had stalled her and she would be about a half an hour late. That was fine, but what happened next was quite amazing.

As I waited for her arrival, I had put my two cats into my sunroom in the back of the house so that they would not disturb the reading. Suddenly I heard a “knocking” at the sunroom door. I figured that although I had a slight opening for the cats, that maybe one of them wanted out with a wider opening. I went and checked and both cats were peacefully sleeping in their respective chairs catching the sun’s rays.

I just figured I had imagined it. Then I heard it a second time: a pushing/knocking against my door in the sunroom. Again, I thought that maybe one of the cats wanted to be in the living room, and again, they were both sound asleep. I looked around the room and noticed that no windows were opened to let in a breeze. So, again, I just figured I imagined it. THEN again, the same thing happened – the knocking/pushing against the door! And again, my two cats peacefully slumbered in the sunroom.

When my visitor arrived for her reading, we sat and much validation came through. [Just as a note, she DID speak loudly, clearly, and confirmed information as it came through, so I think she had much more than some people by following those instructions.]

At the end of the reading she explained that her loved one would make sounds, appear in dreams, and otherwise make himself known. One way was to “knock” on the door! It was THEN that I correlated the knocking (and no one there) with her experience of her hearing knocking. I went and demonstrated what I had heard, and she exclaimed that it was just what she heard!

As I’m sure you have figured out by now…..her loved one had shown up ON TIME, and was making his presence known! She had carefully followed the “Preparation for a Reading” instructions and asked him to meet her there at the appointed time – which she was late for. But HE was there! And he made sure to let ME know! I think she and I were both thrilled that he demonstrated to me what he does for her and her family!

To me, this is a phenomenon that occurred created by spirit. It also shows that spirits CAN hear us ask them to meet us at a certain place, at a certain time, and on a certain date. (I believe that they have things to do on their side, too, so it is considerate to ask them ahead of time to set their time aside to meet you during your reading.)

I was very pleased that my visitor was so good at replying, speaking loudly, connecting with me (and as a result, connecting better with her loved ones), and confirming as information was received (confirmation is a way of getting “permission” to carry forward and receive more information). When she and I both realized that she had been late — but her loved one was not late – that was quite a validation! I heard the very same “knock” on the door as she hears. I just hadn’t figured out what it was – but she already knew!

A word to the wise: if you come for a reading with me, please, please “talk” to your loved ones and ask them to be at my place at that time and date that we arranged. You can be sure that they ARE wanting to connect with you as much as you do!!

Thank you to both the spirits and to the people who come to me for readings and validation. It is my honor to meet you and them. Please be secure that your loved ones DO hear you! They are always around you and make their presence known in many ways – including knocking on “Heaven’s Door.”


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