My Mom’s Spirit Wakes My Sister!


Greetings to everyone. Today starts our journey together.

Interestingly, my sister, mentioned in my website who is also mediumistic, just called me tonight to tell me that she had been awoken last night by someone in spirit “tugging” on her toe! As she sprang up startled, she looked across to the chair in her room and saw our mother sitting there! At least we know mom is okay, although my sister was perturbed to be woken up from a sound sleep with her toes being tugged.

So, you see, sometimes when you wake up, you may have actually been woken up by someone in spirit. Keep your toes inside your blankets!

Anyway, this journal will have entries several times a week. I will try to give specific experiences to give you an idea of what a life of a medium is like. Please feel free to sign my guestbook.

And do remember, “In dreams the spirits speak to thee.”

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