Past Lives and You!

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Today I want to talk a bit about past lives.  I’ve had numerous people who would like me to tell them what their past lives were.  I know there are many books out there, and lots of people who give workshops, and there is also past life regression through hypnotherapy.  Keep in mind, though, that it is the rare individual who can drop into a deep hypnotic state where those memories may be.  I’d like to tell you my take on past lives and how you might be able to jog your own memories.

I’m not a past-life regression person – I’ve had my own memories, and I’ve observed my daughter’s, but I don’t regress people. I am just a plain old psychic medium. Sometimes I get things from people, but, honestly, I prefer information that can be confirmed — I am a skeptical medium.  I can’t confirm past lives, so I don’t even try to go into them for people. 

I guess I’m fortunate to have had some unusual encounters with past lives just on my own.  My strength lies in connecting with other people on the “Other Side,” and that is my main focus. Of course, sometimes it takes other routes, but I don’t try to do that – if it happens, it happens, if not, then it doesn’t.

 I think the best way to handle what we may think is a past life influence, is to logically go through what we have encountered and see how that fits. I have to admit, I don’t think I would have thought of France as one of my past lives, but I did have the Edgar Cayce Clinic experience, so that solidified my “vision” for me.   [You can read about it here: “Edgar Cayce Clinic Group Reincarnation Experience“]

 When I was 23, I married a man, (and later discovered I have this weird thing where I see an … electrical wire…or something that looks like that – sparks or whatever) when two people meet who are supposed to be together; this has happened to me about four times now, and each couple has married.  Oddly, I remember “seeing” that same thing I saw with other couples, with him.  [Unfortunately, I can only see it the instant they first meet – not later.]

The man I married long ago had a mom who was a Mohawk Indian and she was also a medium (although at the time I didn’t know about those labels). She knew immediately that we would be married.  Unfortunately, he was a drug addict and overdosed and died when I was 25.  I can only guess that he and I had to still come together, no matter for how short a time….I’m still not sure why, but I can’t forget that “light” that happened, and he also appeared to me in a dream.  I still don’t know the exact reason for our being together during this horrific time, however, it is apparent to me that it was “meant to be.”  I do not think everything in life is meant to be, and I do think we have many choices.  However, I also do believe that some things really ARE meant to be – if you look at your own life, you may find those that do seem predestined. 

Remember that “pre-destiny” is really a part of our overall grand plan for this life.  Pay special attention to particular people or incidents or interactions that seem to just come out of the blue, or lead you into other ventures.  Often these are “designs” that you may have “chosen” before you came here.  But in-between those “meant to be” life experiences, are many times that YOU get to choose and form your own future life to come.  By that I mean, be careful of what you do, how you treat people, the things you choose to take precedence in your life – they could come back later to “haunt” you.

There are often “clues” to what our past lives may have been. Sometimes you can get a feel for yourself or others by observing their behaviors, likes and dislikes, and the people whom they know.  For instance, my daughter is quite obsessed with Asia. When she was only three years old, she walked like a “geisha,” and had her hands inside her robe, and her feet moved very slowly — at the time, I didn’t “get it.”  I did write about one of her past life memories that kept popping up while she was in the bathtub.  [You can find that here:  “A Child’s Past Life Memory in the Bathtub.”]

At age 9, her obsession for things Asian was getting stronger.  She started to teach herself Japanese.  At that point, she had already – on her own – insisted that we attend a Burmese Buddhist Monastery here in California. Celene was only six years old when we stumbled on this monastery, and after a meeting with the monks, she turned to me as we were going out the door and said:  “I think I should come back here.”  Being just a little kid, I questioned this and asked, “Why?”  She answered, “I don’t know, I just do.”  I have now learned that is her pat answer to things that seemingly are from her past.

This marvelous sanctuary was not an American-style Buddhist monastery with symmetrical little cushions to sit on, and everything neat and orderly – this was an authentic Burmese monastery. The cushions of various colors, shapes and sizes were tossed into a corner of the big wooden building that was warmed by a big wood stove.  The altar was just a large wooden table, and was “guarded” by two lions!  The “lions” were two stuffed animal lions – which always made me giggle when I saw them. 

The monastery building was a bit messy.  The monks were all from Burma, except once in awhile there would be one from another country.  We had a good monk friend from India who had to return there later.  We also were quite close to a monk we called Uttama, and he was a former Ambassador to the United States from Burma!  He was now in his eighties and his dream was to be a monk – thus, Uttama affectionately called himself a “baby monk.”  We adored him and became fast friends.  He often would (contrary to the monastic image many people have of monks) hitch-hike into town dressed in his monastery clothes. He was also very funny and we had many belly laughs.  It was he who took my daughter aside when she was a young teenager and told her: “You were one of us.”  We were the only “white” people who attended this monastery (it is not advertised and you must stumble upon it to find it), and the devotees were all Asian.

Some ways that you can tell if you are tied to a past life of a certain kind are by your intense interests.  For instance, Celene exhibits (what I later discovered) were many Asian traits (such as when she eats, she always covers her mouth, especially if someone is talking to her and she is expected to reply). When I asked her, “Celene, why do you always cover your mouth when you are eating???”  she again replied, “I don’t know, I just do.”  This covering of the mouth comes from Asia where it is “impolite” to show one’s teeth….but I did not know that until a few years ago.

Now, at age 23, my daughter, Celene, just returned from two years in Asia — one year at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, and another year at the City University in Hong Kong.  She adored Asia!!  Celene is now proficient in Japanese, and she is continuing her studies in Cantonese.  Next on her list for proficiency is Mandarin.  She has only been back from Asia a few months now, but she is currently planning how to get back there to stay long-term.

Frankly, I think that although past lives are interesting, that it is better to define for oneself what one wants in this life.  Set various ideals and then pursue them — obviously, the earlier in life, the better. By setting good ideals, and consciously being aware of them, you will more likely draw in people of like mind. Unfortunately for me, I tended to draw in the misfits…. maybe that was part of my karma. I’m retired now, and I’m trying to “redo” some things – even at this late date. I want to turn things around, so that when I do pass, that, hopefully, I will have also passed the “tests” set out for me. I think we do have the ability to see, if we look carefully, just what kinds of lessons we needed to learn — or to reciprocate, in some cases.

For instance, have you found yourself needing money and not having much of it?  Maybe you were a tightwad or even a spendthrift in the past.  Perhaps you punished people who did not have money.  Or maybe you had great wealth and now you don’t; but now you appreciate those things that do not cost money:  friends, nature, love, pets  – it could be anything that doesn’t cost a lot of money.  Perhaps your selfishness in the past led to the lack of wealth now.  Or, do you now have money, and look down upon those who do not have it?  Perhaps you do not have the ability to see the person’s soul – which is much more powerful than their outside appearance.  Be careful if this is your case, as next time, you may be on the other end of this scenario, and be the very poor and struggling one.

I know that past lives can seem fascinating, yet, on the other hand, does it really matter?? We are in the here and now, so that should be our focus. We all experience ups and downs, and that IS part of life. If one is curious about remnants from the past, then look carefully at the paths that you have traveled, your interests, and the people you encounter. They can give you clues. Like my daughter — she is definitely an Asian girl in a white girl’s body. And I do support her in this, as it is obvious that her path is Asian….wherever it may take her.

Always remember that the people who are closest to you are often those with whom you have tangled before.  Observe your children, spouses and friends.   This is one big mystery game and the clues ARE there.   I believe that my dad (who some of you know passed last year – his photo is on my Facebook page) was in the Civil War.  He was OBSESSED with the Civil War.  He collected rifles from that time period.  As kids, our family vacations revolved around visiting Civil War sites.  He was an expert on every aspect of the Civil War – he knew every little skirmish.  Until he died, he continued to be obsessed with the Civil War.  When he would speak about it, I would watch him as tears rolled down his cheeks as he exclaimed “All those young men who died during that war!!” – the emotion was palpable.  Those are CLUES! I believe that with his strong obsession of the Civil War, that when he passed, he also met up with his old pals from then.

With a little common sense, a good deal of observation, juxtaposing what you have experienced against what you have learned (or not), you may be able to piece together parts of your life and see where you may have been before. But remember, we are NOT our past, so to speak, we truly are the here and now, and the past is like a school book which we read long ago, and sometimes we remember things we read.  Follow the “clues” as to which direction to follow.

Even if you never discover your exact past lives, don’t worry.  You have encountered them, regardless.  The important thing to remember is to be good to those you DO know.  Odds are that you have shared something with them in the past.  Sometimes you may just have a “feeling” as you meet someone who seems so familiar — they could be an old friend from your past.  Sometimes we might do a “double-take” as we walk down the sidewalk and see someone who sparks a strong feeling inside us – a feeling of “I think I know that person,” when you don’t in this life.  They may have been part of another past, but this time, you are only passing by on this stage we call “Life.”

These are just some ideas of what to look for when thinking about past lives.  Now, go and start observing!  😀  You never know what you will find!  Your first clue is hidden……..I can’t tell you….it’s your turn to find it!  Have fun, and maybe we will meet again – in another life! 🙂




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  1. Interesting article, I do feel that our memory of past lives is blanked in a sense so it does not effect this life. Yes you can get a vision of it through a dream or a dejavu feeling. But if all our past lives came into our minds we would not be able to cope, more than likely it would cause some sort of mental breakdown. It would just be too confusing for many, hence why things are as they are.

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