Spiritual Healing Nuns in Spirit at Lily Dale


Spiritual healing is a matter that I am not very familiar with. However, often people link mediumship, psychic ability and healing together. For this reason, I want to relate a particular experience I had about 8 years ago at Lily Dale, the largest and oldest Spiritualist Camp, which is located outside of Buffalo, New York.

My daughter, a friend of mine, originally from Chile, her daughter and my daughter stayed overnight in the hotel on the grounds of Lily Dale.

If you have never been to Lily Dale, it is a wonderfully peaceful and healing place. Lily Dale is actually a real town with its own post office. What makes it so special is that the residents of Lily Dale are mediums!

There is a beautiful lake with two graceful white swans: Lily and Dale. They are so lovely to watch, gracefully gliding along the glass-like water. There is a small white gazebo raft with benches inside. From there, one can see Lily and Dale glide by, or watch children fishing.

Along the lakefront are areas for quiet meditation. Park benches and tree stumps provide places to sit and meditate; or just lay a blanket on the grass. There is also a small sandy beach with a dock to jump off of into the lake and swim. My friend, Marisol, and our daughters spent a lot of time at that small, quiet beach.

As one walks around the town, which really is no larger than a nice-sized park, there are small streets with old-fashioned, and victorian-type homes. Many of these quaint wooden homes have large porches. Outside the door of the entrance to the house, on the porch, is usually a sign indicating the medium’s name. Sometimes the hours that they give readings are also posted. As one travels up and down these tiny streets, visitors can be seen sitting on rocking chairs on the porches while waiting for their readings.

There is also a nice park with a tire swing, teeter-totter, and regular swings for the kids. Just down the road from the park is a dirt-covered path that first leads past the Pet Cemetery. It’s interesting to see many of the hand-made headstones for loved one’s family pets. My daughter likes to read them with the names of dogs and cats and imagine what they were like.

Farther down the dusty path one is led to “Inspiration Stump.” This is one of the favorite places at Lily Dale. (This area is similar to the Forest Temple area which also provides a forest setting for outdoor readings.) In a small clearing in the woods are benches in two sections with about 20 rows to each. One can usually find a seat. At the “stump” the mediums gather – some are visiting professional mediums, others are Lily Dale residents, and others are “practicing” mediums. Several times a day, during the scheduled hour there, mediums will choose members of the audience to give a short reading to. Not all are chosen, however, it is very interesting to watch how each one works and the messages people receive. I have never received a reading there.

There is also the Healing Temple. Here is where the spiritual healers practice their skill. Some of these healers have been coming to Lily Dale for decades. This is where I had a special experience.

The Temple is small, white, wooden and looks like a regular church from the outside. Inside are pews, a small podium, and about ten chairs lined up in front. People looking for a healing sit in the pews, and in order, take a seat in front as the chairs become vacated.

One day I went for a healing. When it was my turn, I took my place on the chair in the front of the church. My healer was a very elderly man (and, unfortunately, I forgot his name). He was a regular at Lily Dale and a Spiritualist. As he began his healing – placing his hands on my forehead, my shoulders and continuing down my back and legs – he softly prayed. With my eyes first closed, I felt a gentle warmth from his hands.

I slowly opened my eyes to look around me. I felt very relaxed. It was then that I noticed this “yellow haze.” I continued to gaze at this softly hued yellow. I was startled when I perceived THREE NUNS in this yellow mist! Not being Catholic, I was not inclined to think of nuns. Yet, here they were! The feeling was so peaceful, though, that I wasn’t afraid, nor did I try to get rid of them. I merely wondered at their presence.

After the healing, I thanked the man, and left. Later that evening, I again saw him on the porch of the hotel. It was a warm, beautiful summer evening. I kindly introduced myself to him, thanked him for his healing, and asked if I might inquire about my experience. I then told him about the three nuns in a misty veil. I figured he’d tell me I was just imaging a healing presence. Instead, he surprised me and informed me, “Yes, those three nuns work WITH me — and have for many, many years.”

I thanked him again, and retreated to an area on the grounds where I could quietly think. I wondered about the three nuns. I was grateful for being given the opportunity to directly experience the spirit helpers that he had working with him. So, although I am not Catholic, I was humbled by the presence of these healing nuns. For healing is not in the kind of religion, but rather in faith. May we all understand that Spirit works in many ways; healing spirits know no boundaries. It was a tremendous spiritual lift to be in the presence of these healing hands of nuns in spirit. What a wonderful blessing.

The wonders of healing the spirit are many. May your life be healed and blessed.


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