TELEPATHY — Shock and Awe! — Someone may be listening!


This was the first – and only, so far – case of true telepathy that I have experienced. Sometimes people think that telepathy is just “knowing” what someone is thinking, or having a “feeling” of what someone thinks. I am talking about pure, unadulterated, telepathy. It was an amazing experience and I know there was surprise by the one who was “thinking” the thought. Let me explain.

One day at work, I was heating up some chicken masala that I had made from scratch. All those beautiful spices of cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, cloves, pepper, and anise combined together. Mmmmmmm, smelling those spices can entice any appetite. It was then that my boss, who also likes to cook, walked by and asked what I was heating in the microwave. I explained that it was chicken with Garam Masala, a popular mixture of Indian spices. He had never used it so I told him I would bring in a little bag of it for him to try. I also said that I had a recipe for it that I would type up and give to him.

That seemed simple enough.

While my boss was at a meeting, I typed up the recipe, and placed it on his office chair. I made it very pretty, easy to read, and tossed in a few graphics of cinnamon sticks. I left his office and went into my office. Our offices are separated by a brick wall – it is a very old building up in the mountains and it is all brick. There is no way to see into his office, or even hear into there.

I walked out of my office toward the mail room, and saw him walking down the hallway from another part of the building. I was interested in what he’d say seeing the recipe there so quickly. I returned from the mail room, and his office door was shut, so I sat at my desk and began working on a project.

Suddenly, I heard him shout out loud: “Wow, Sharon, this is great!” I knew that he had just picked up the recipe. I was delighted that he was so excited. I could hear him very loudly shouting from his office! He really liked that I gave him that recipe!

I went to his office to let him know that I had heard him, and was glad that he was excited. I gently knocked on his door, opened it a crack, and said, “Did you call me?” He looked at me quizzically, and I noticed there was a man sitting in the chair across from him – obviously, they were having a meeting.

My boss gave me a strange look and said, “No. No, I didn’t call you.” And I just said, “Oh, I thought I heard you call me….” and I left.

I realized at that moment that I had experienced true telepathy. It was HIS voice, FROM his office, in his OWN voice, LOUD AND CLEAR. I heard every word precisely. In fact, it was animated, loud, and happy. I knew I had heard it, and I also knew it was not in my head because I had heard it very distinctly from his office behind the brick wall!

After his meeting, I went in and asked him – because I was so stunned at the experience – what he had thought when he found the recipe on his chair. Of course, I realized then that the man had been in his office with him at the time, so he probably did not say something out loud. He looked at me, somewhat puzzled, and said, “I just thought, ‘Oh, Sharon gave me the recipe.’” I asked for more clarification. “I mean, what did you think in your head when you picked it up – say, something like ‘Wow, Sharon, this is great!’?”

At that point I had my hunch of telepathy confirmed. He looked at me in stunned surprise, his face fell, and a look of shock appeared. Then he slowly said, “Is THAT why you came to my door?” I told him, “Yes, I heard you.”

I think we were both in amazement! Here he was remembering what he had said in his head, recognized the words, and it dawned on him that I could not have plucked the words, time and place from no where. His face was evidence of shock, and, I admit, almost horror, that I had “heard” him.

He had some prior knowledge of my abilities, and actually I have read for him before – pretending to use an astrology chart, and actually just pulling out information from the Universe. One time, I remember getting information that he was going to meet a woman through work (he was divorced) and telling him that she would probably be foreign, and the time frame it would happen. How did I know this? I don’t know. It just comes to me – sort of like hearing a radio in the background that you normally don’t pay attention to, but when you’re prompted you listen carefully and can make out the words.

A year after he married this woman, he brought her to the office one day and insisted that she meet me. He said, “She’s the one who told me I would meet you.” And, yes, she is from another country – and, no, they did not work in the same place, city or department – they met through work in another city. Strange? Yes, it sounds like it, but why is it any stranger than hunches?

I think that my telepathic experience with my boss was much more relevant for him precisely because I had predicted his future wife and how they would meet. I am sure he felt very weird about me eavesdropping on his thoughts – I felt strange, too.

Suffice to say, be careful of what you think. You never know when someone may be listening!


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