What Happens When Mean People Die?

I was asked what happens with people who are “bad” or negative, when they die? Do they come through, do they influence us? Honestly, I do not have all the answers. It would be nice if we did, however, I can only surmise from my own personal experience. I have to admit, I do have difficulty with a lot of what is called “channeling” that goes on, and the “information” received. My feeling is that a lot of channeling is merely one’s own self coming through. So, I have a difficult time accepting channeling as definitive answers. Therefore, I trust my own experiences and that is where I will speak from.

When doing readings for people, I have encountered negative beings. I don’t mean scary, demonic beings, but rather those who just weren’t nice over here. Unfortunately, some STILL aren’t nice, even over THERE.

Because readings are confidential, I will not reveal people or families by name. I have run into some family members who were down-right nasty. And they remained so after their death. There seemed to be no remorse. One can only surmise what that means, and I would link that to a typical sociopath who here has no conscious and feels no remorse. Since it appears to me that when a person in the body becomes a spirit that they retain a lot of their personality, it holds then that if they’re not very nice, they may keep that attitude when they die. With people like that, I would suggest prayer work. Pray that they can see a difference, that beings of light (good people over there) will come and help them and guide them, and ask that they have intervention for their highest good.

If you go back to my main site and click into my “affidavits” you will see one about a woman whose sister-in-law appeared to her. This sister-in-law, when she appeared was QUITE pushy and nasty. She made it quite clear how she felt: “I don’t like you!” she exclaimed to the person having the reading.

What was interesting, though, is that after the sister-in-law was able to make her feelings known, she then went on to elaborate. She began to express that she had jealousy for this woman, and….that she was sorry for her actions. She then asked for forgiveness. This shocked the woman for whom I was reading, but she readily took it upon herself to forgive her. Through the act of forgiveness, the sister-in-law was able to be freed of her anguish and hate, and the woman on this side, was relieved of her resentment and anger. By going through this — what I call — “interdimensional counseling” they were BOTH able to change their lives. The woman for whom I was reading stated later that she had not been to her father’s grave for 10 years because of this woman who was buried near him. She felt so awful about a situation that had occurred in their family that had literally torn the family apart, that neither woman could rest — one on this earth plane, the other in the spirit world. After their reconciliation, the woman here was able to rejoin a family business, go through the sister-in-law’s belongings and sort them out, and to make peace with both herself and the rest of the family — including the sister-in-law in spirit. By the end of the reading, the woman on our side was crying, and releasing all the pent up sorrow and hurt. It was a very fulfilling moment to see such resolution through bridging the dimensions.

I had a man for whom I did a phone reading last year. Ironically, we did not have a lot of time to go into all his family members, but the one individual who DID show up quite readily and assertively, was a former psychiatrist of his who had severely mistreated him emotionally.

During the reading, the psychiatrist “showed” me his office, the street outside the office window, where his desk was, different items in the room, and where this man sat whom I will call Richard. Richard was quite surprised when this doctor appeared, as he was expecting family members. However, the negative and abusive behavior exhibited by this psychiatrist had been so abhorrent, that it was some “divine intervention” or reason for him to push through first.

As the doctor began showing me things, he continued to “show” me himself handing Richard folded pieces of paper. I continued to see this scene over and over. When I finally commented on it, I said,”I see him handing you folded pieces of paper,” and asked if that meant anything. Richard burst out, almost crying, and exclaimed, “Yes, yes….it was AWFUL.” I didn’t ask for an explanation — often I won’t, because it is apparent to them what it all means.

Then, as the scene progressed the doctor finally began to ask for Richard’s forgiveness. But it was still a half-hearted asking. Eventually, OTHER spirits suddenly appeared and took this doctor by the arms, to take him away. At this point, Richard was exclaiming his forgiveness, the doctor was accepting, but in tears himself, and the other spirits had intervened to help. It was really weird!

Well, afterwards, Richard explained the situation to me. He said it was something that had tormented him for 15 years. He told me he had been in therapy and this man was abusive to many patients. He said that he was devastated when the doctor suddenly died because there was no way he could try to resolve the past trauma. He was left with the humiliation and painful memories of the abusive tactics this man used. The folded pieces of white paper, were the DIAGNOSES which the doctor gave to each patient and told them to KEEP them in their pockets so that they could be REMINDED of just how SICK they were!! So, instead of trying to help these people, he, in fact, had hurt them even more.

Richard was so relieved to go through this process — and so was the doctor. We were all emotionally drained at the end. But, in the end, the doctor DID ask for forgiveness, and Richard was able to give it — that seems to be crucial. Giving forgiveness, seems to allow them to accept forgiveness and a healing process to begin.

I have had other interesting situations where people who were either abusive, mean, or cruel came through — sometimes they didn’t say much, and just showed their true nasty colors. Other times, they would express the fact that they realized they had done wrong, were now aware that life continued, and were motivated to try to heal the hurt.

In my diary entry of “Life After Death Evidence,” the man who “leaped in” next to me, and announced that he was the ex-husband of the woman for whom I was reading, was, as I was told, a “bit odd.” In fact, kind of crazy. So, why HE would be able to break through so easily, is still a mystery to me. It seems that although someone may have led a very gentle, kind life here, that it does not guarantee an ability to connect once they reach over there.

Personally, I think that people maintain much of their original personality there — or at least express the personality we have come to know here when they come through to identify themselves. Often I will see the nasty self first, all the horrible events, and THEN be led into the act of asking forgiveness. It seems that they need to first illustrate and demonstrate who they are, what they were like, and now that they are in a different place with a different perspective, are then able to reach beyond what they had here, and reach out to the individual they hurt and ask for forgiveness. It is a very interesting process to observe.

This may not really answer all the questions, however, it is the best I can do with my limited knowledge and experience. I think it can be very useful asking kinder, gentler, more helpful beings on the other side to come and help those we know who have passed on and were either negative, cruel, or had hurt themselves (suicide) or others.

I know that I have seen spirits “in pain,” and when that happens, I will ask good spirits on the other side to come and help them. Prayer — which is basically, just talking and asking others in spirit to help — really seems to work. I urge you to use it.

I hope this helps a little bit. Just as we have “good” people and “bad” people here, I think it is so there, too. However, my hunch is that because the perspective and ability of “them” to move and see differently there, can facilitate healing, ask forgiveness, bring forth apologies, and, in the end, create a NEW cycle — a hopefully much more positive cycle — to begin. And THAT is when it is all worthwhile.

Because when we are reborn into this earth plane, we can bring back some of what we have learned over there, making our lives here more worthwhile. (See my entry “Spirit Baby Speaks/Shared Communication” to know how our spirit chooses a body to be born into.)

So, when someone dies, please don’t feel that there is no way to ever talk to them again, or to resolve unfinished business. If you can’t find a good medium to bring them through, just pray for them, and talk to them on your own. Even if you don’t hear their answers, I am most certain that somehow that message TO them still gets there. It’s sort of like mailing a letter to someone overseas, and they read it, love it, are so grateful to hear from you, but…they just don’t write back. So, you may feel that you have not reached them, however, you HAVE. And that is important to remember.

And even here…reach out, let others know you care for them, try to resolve problems now, and keep the channels of communication open.

Time is swift and the world is your oyster…so grab the pearl and enjoy!


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