Wo Fat/Khigh Deigh from Hawaii 5-O….The I Ching Seminar


Greetings everyone. I want to relate my experience with Khigh Deigh, the actor who played Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O. What made me think about this event in my life was talking to a man who reads Tarot cards. In explaining how he reads, he also emphasized that he is “not a psychic” but, rather, someone who reads symbols and archetypes. That made me think of this event with Khigh Deigh.

Many years ago I used to work at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment — Edgar Cayce) Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. During my stay at the Clinic, I met many wonderful and amazing people. Khigh Deigh was one of them. He was not only an actor, but a Chinese philosophy scholar (and he owned a Chinese restaurant!).

I took an “I Ching” seminar from Khigh Deigh one night in Phoenix. There were about 100 people gathered in a small auditorium. Khigh Deigh started the seminar by throwing out 5 pieces of Chinese candy into the audience — whoever grabbed the candy would then be called onto the stage with him as he demonstrated how the I Ching works. I was one of the five.

When he called me onto the stage, he told me that he would show me how the I Ching divines answers to questions: he did NOT bring out divining straws, coins or an I Ching book.

What he DID do was ask me to think of a question I wanted an answer to. I thought, and formulated my question. Okay, that was easy. Now I just needed the answer. I had thrown the I Ching before, so this would be simple.

Khigh Deigh extended his arm and hand toward me, reaching out a book to me like a worm on a hook, or a carrot dangling in front of my nose. He held the dark-covered book toward me for me to take. I reached toward the book. He swiftly pulled it away! I was very surprised! Why was he doing this??

He then extended the book again toward me — I reached out, gently touching the book and he, again, quickly pulled the book away! He grinned. I didn’t know what to do. How could I get that book??

Again, Khigh Deigh extended the dark-covered book toward me. I was apprehensive. How could I get it??

Gazing upon the book as it slowly traveled through the air toward me, I suddenly GRABBED IT!! That was it — I grabbed it!! In fact, I grabbed it AWAY from Khigh Deigh!!! I had gotten the book!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!

He then quietly looked at me, and asked me to think of how this experience was my “answer.” I thought. Hmmmm, the book was extended — it was pulled away. I reached, it was pulled. And then I grabbed — grabbed it away — to me! I knew then that the “answer” was to be more assertive, to take what I needed, to not let people take things from me, or to push me around. That was, at that time in my life, an “answer” I desperately needed.

Quite solemnly he then told me that THIS is how the I Ching is divined.

I never threw a coin, I never used a straw or stick, nothing. No I Ching book. Just the symbolic book, the symbolic I Ching “answers.”

Ah ha!! The Big Ah Ha! I got it. The I Ching, like Tarot cards, was a tool. A divining tool. It did NOT truly hold the answers. The answers were all within ME! In YOU!!

You see, we ARE our own best psychics. Often we go to a psychic, hoping to hear what we WANT to hear, when, in reality, we already KNOW the “answer.”

As we go about our daily lives, we can see “answers” in many “divining” tools: the clouds as they form special pictures just for us; shadows falling on the sidewalk making us think of someone we had forgotten for too long; the sound of the ocean waves along the shore reminding us of the music we long to hear. So many answers, so many ways to receive them.

Sometimes I forget it is so simple. Thank you, Khigh Deigh, for your simple kindness, and “the answer.”

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