Can You Feel a Spirit TOUCH You? The Impact of the Shared Necklace

Sunset Psychic Medium Sharon Tenney and David Maze

Can you feel a spirit TOUCH you? Can a spirit communicate in such a way that you actually KNOW it is touching you? For me, the answer is “yes!”

I want to tell you about a young man, a teenaged boy, who came to me during a reading I was giving to someone he was not related to. Sometimes, I’m just as shocked as everyone else when something quite extraordinary happens with spirits. This teenager REALLY wanted to push his way through – and he did!

This young man appeared to me over a year ago, while I was giving a reading for the woman who had notarized some of my readings. She became curious after people kept coming to her to have their affidavits of accuracy about their readings notarized. (I feel it is important when a reading is very accurate to have it notarized, if possible, so that others will know that there is validity to mediumship.)

While I was sitting with Betty, the notary, I was tuned into one of her relatives. Suddenly, I felt a “WHACK!!” across the back of my neck! My body thrust forward as I was pushed and whacked across the head! “Whoa,” I thought! “Someone is trying to break through!”

With that, a young man appeared to me. I told Betty that I had just been hit over the back of the head by this man, and he, obviously, wanted to get through, so I had to see what he wanted. I began to describe him: Tall, sandy hair, happy-go-lucky, and he insisted that I listen to him. I asked if she knew who he might be. At first she didn’t know. Then I started to receive information about his death: the curved road, the trees, the crash. I asked if she had ANY idea WHO this kid was???!

Finally, Betty said, “I think I know who it is. It’s David.” I asked who David was and why he would be here with her. She said that she couldn’t think of why he would be here, except that he dated her niece, and that she was his girlfriend. That was the only connection she had with him. She then told me about the car crash he was in three weeks after high school graduation. The crash on the country road in the middle of the redwoods. And I knew then that the impact I felt across the back of my neck was a simulation of the impact in the car crash.

David was quite animated! Quite a lively, and fun guy. He then began to show me his “girlfriend.” I expected that I was describing her niece. But…no. It was a girl much different in appearance, Betty told me. This girl was blonde; her niece was quite dark. He then showed me an engagement ring in regard to this blonde-haired girl. I assumed that he meant that he was serious enough to marry her. Betty was insistent that it was her NIECE who was his girlfriend when he died. But David kept insisting it was the blonde! It was funny how the spirit of David and Betty, the notary, were, basically, arguing with each other! Finally, Betty actually admitted that although he was still friends with her niece, that just before he died, he HAD started to date….the blonde!

I asked if Betty knew David’s mother, so that she might contact her for him. Betty said she really didn’t know her. I was stumped. I didn’t know what to do – David was trying VERY hard to break through and to communicate – he actually managed to have me FEEL his TOUCH! That IS unusual! However, I did not feel comfortable calling his mother and telling her he had come to me – I had no idea what she would think, I didn’t know this family, and this was the first time I had heard of this car accident. So, I let it go.

Several weeks later, I had a group reading at my house. About 10 people attended. As I was about to begin the group mediumship session, I explained that sometimes people who we are not expecting, or even don’t know, could show up. Then I began to tell them about David Maze and how his spirit had literally hit me across the back of my head.

At the end of the group session, one of the women whose daughter had clearly come through, approached me. She said that she was about to interrupt me when I began to talk about David, but didn’t. After her participation in the group mediumship session, she felt compelled to tell me – she knew David’s mother!! She asked if she might call his mother and tell her about him. Of course, I said “yes.”

It was about a week later when David’s mother showed up at my door for her reading. She was a lovely woman, wearing a long, flowing skirt, with long hair to match. I could see why David was so handsome.

As we went through the reading, David insisted that I practically relive all the different scenes from his short life. At one point, I told David that I needed to have “evidence.” I asked him to please quit reminiscing, and to please give me something to show his mother definitively that it was him.

At that point, David appeared about 10 feet from me dangling a gold chain. I could see from the distance that it looked like a locket, and was elongated in shape. He kept telling me that it was “shared” between him and his mother. It went from her, to him, from him to her, from her to him. I was very confused. I had no idea how it could be a “shared necklace.” So, I told her what he was telling and showing me.

At the end of the reading she said to me, “Would you like to see the necklace?” And she pulled a gold chain from inside her clothing. It was oval in shape and gold. It had been given to her after his death by her former employer. I still was wondering to myself how it was “shared.” Then she opened the locket….and inside were locks of her son’s hair! Certainly, a “shared necklace!”

So, you see, the dead CAN communicate with us! David clearly wanted to contact his family, and I was available. His determined pushing and knocking me across the head so that I was thrust forward with the impact, certainly made an impact on me!

The spirit of youth, the spirit of life, and the spirit of David, are all one. “Thank you, David, for knocking that into my head!”



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5 responses to “Can You Feel a Spirit TOUCH You? The Impact of the Shared Necklace

  1. Thank you. I wanted to leave a reply on your site, however, I do not speak French…but my daughter translated for me. I see you have mediumship in yours, too.

    I do enjoy writing, as you can see. I’m glad you found me, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email is:

    The theme I used is a very simple one — called “Pilcrow.” I didn’t need anything fancy, and I merely uploaded my own photos to here.

    Thank you again!

  2. I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to
    see a nice blog like this one today.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    This is Laurie Maze. I just ‘liked’ you on Facebook under ‘Little Sky Lavender Farm’ ~ I would love to talk with you. You and I have a very dear friend who passed away recently. This is so poignant and amazing to find you, again.
    Warmest regards,

  4. As of 2 nights ago I believe spirits definitely can interact and touch you as I posted in “Spirit altercation” frankly I am feeling quite violated, I am not sure of all that went on but if you could here the recording something did, If you know of a physical medium in the Cleveland, Ohio area please let me know, things are getting out of hand over here, I envy your gift it must be very satisfying to help those in need of reassurance. Wish me luck, If you feel anything about our situation please let me know………thanks

    • Dear Becca,
      I received your note and I did read your entry about the altercation at night. I’m not sure what happened, however, it didn’t seem “harmful,” and although you asked “who is this” I think that would be a logical question to ask. It didn’t sound “bad,” not toxic. To me, it didn’t anyway. You may have felt somewhat violated, however, remember you kept the recorder on to see if you would receive any information — and you did. I understand panic disorder very well, and I can see where the mind can go to that scary place.
      If, indeed, it was a spirit, then just accept it. It does not sound like anything bad took place. You seemingly awoke to their voice and asked who it was.
      Here’s what I do on a regular basis, and it does work. I make sure that I am the one in control. I understand it was on a tape, however, YOU must be the one to set the boundaries. I suppose I should enter another post about a different experience I had where I did have to “demand” that the spirit do as I said, because I was not going to go along with him (he had come to my house while I was on the computer — this was years ago — and asked me to talk to his friend….only he would not quit bothering me). I told this spirit that HE would have to find a way on HIS side to get me to find this individual (whom I did not know), and he actually did — the next day.
      All you need to do is to be firm. Since you are recording at night (and that is your choice), so I don’t think it fair to blame the “person/thing/spirit” who was there since you had the tape on — you basically were inviting them.
      What I would do is if you continue to record, is to — as you set it up — talk to the “air” and tell anyone around who might want to be caught on tape, or to contact you, that they MUST abide by your guidelines. It could be that they do not touch you, or don’t say “scary” things, or whatever.
      One thing to always keep aware of is that spirits cannot manifest for very long on our side. When I see one materialized in front of me, although it “seems” like a long time, it really may only be 7-10 seconds — which if you count down those seconds is plenty of time for you to see them and be aware of them. But for them to actually stay materialized or able to communicate for a long period of time does not seem possible — that’s why “ghost” sightings are quick and short.
      But you MUST keep in mind that YOU control YOUR side of this world. And you CAN speak to them — whoever they may be — outloud.
      Unfortunately, I do not know of any mediums in Ohio — I’m sorry. And if you do decide to go to one, try to investigate thoroughly how they work and if they are accurate — it is a dicey area and it is wise to be careful whom you choose. Too many people use that title and word-of-mouth is the best reference for a “real” medium.
      I hope this helps you. Just remember YOU are the one in control. So take back control, don’t worry — they can’t hurt you and they can only manifest for very short spurts of time.
      I honestly am not afraid of them. I have no qualms about setting the “rules.” After all, this is MY side, not theirs — they are a guest over here. So, just think of it like that — they are your guest entering your domain and manners are expected.
      So, don’t be as upset — you got a good recording (which you wanted, and if you don’t feel comfortable with any results, then just don’t record). And always remember that YOU are the one in control and set the guidelines.
      Take care,

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