Spirit Baby Cries – A Shared Communication of How a Soul Chooses A Family and Body at Birth

Boulder, Colorado - Flatirons - Version 2

Greetings. I’d like to tell you about a “shared” experience I had. I like shared ones because they validate my own experience. Sometimes the field of mediumship can seem pretty fantastical, and I am happy when something happens that I can’t totally deny. As I said before, as much as possible, proof is essential. Again, I ask that, if you haven’t before, you read my post “Life After Death Evidence,” because to me that is one of the most evidential experiences that proves life after death exists. Out of hundreds of readings, often only a handful can produce “evidence” that this is “real.”

This shared experience took place in Boulder, Colorado, around 1985. It was in the same apartment that the spirit lady appeared and we “bridged dimensions.”

I lived downstairs from Tom and Claudia and their cat and dog. Tom was a counselor, and Claudia was a law student at the University of Denver Law School.

This night, I awoke to the booming cries of a baby. It sounded like someone had stuck 10 rock and roll stereo speakers into my bedroom. Although the sound was booming and surrounded me, I could also detect a direction coming from my spare bedroom, to the left of the room I was in.

I sat up straight for about 7 or 8 seconds (which is a long time when something like this is happening) listening to the booming cries of the “baby.” Finally, the sound dissipated, and I jumped out of bed, ran to my window, looked outside and there was a beautiful, calm, starry sky with the mountains silhouetted in the background. Our house was on a corner lot, and nothing was nearby. It was a very silent, and beautifully clear starry night.

I turned on all my lights, said a prayer for what I thought might have been a spirit baby, and slipped back under my covers.

The next day, I heard a “knock” at my front door. It was kind of a quiet knock, so I listened again, and the knock repeated. I went to the door and there was Claudia. I said to her, “I thought I was hearing things again,” and began to tell her about the baby crying.

At that, she exclaimed, “Wait a minute, I heard it, too!” I asked her what had happened and she explained: “I was sleeping and I awoke to the sound of a baby crying. It sounded like it was coming from our spare bedroom,” (which was over my spare bedroom) “and I jumped out of bed and ran into the spare room. When I got there, nothing was there, and I turned around to see Tom and the cat and dog still sound asleep on the bed.”

We discussed it for awhile and I asked Claudia if she had ever had other such experiences. She said that occasionally she would experience something, but not much. She was a serious law student and really had little interest in metaphysics.

So, I suggested we say a prayer for what we thought might be a spirit baby. The house wasn’t very old, so I wasn’t sure about a baby having died there, but, one never knows. We said some prayers and Claudia left.

About a month later, Claudia came downstairs again to visit. She suddenly said, “Remember that night we heard the baby crying? …. I think I’m PREGNANT, and I think I conceived on that night!”

Sure enough, 8 months later, Claudia was the proud mother of a bouncing baby boy! (Although he didn’t cry a lot!)

Our impression was that Claudia was receiving a “message” from the soul that was to inhabit the baby she would have. And because her bedroom was above mine, and because I’m sensitive and have clairaudience (clear hearing of spirits) which is not blocked by walls or ceilings, I, essentially, “eavesdropped” on her message!

This was extraordinary to me. Claudia and I both independently shared the same psychic experience!

To me, not only was this remarkable in that it confirmed my own experience, but it also illustrates how the soul appears to “choose” his parents, and that the soul is separate from the body. This can be a great comfort to those who have lost a baby, to know that the soul continues to survive. And it is also heartwarming to know that the soul chooses her own family. Not only does the soul choose its family, but it can also communicate its presence. To me, this was a wondrous experience of not only the existence of the soul, but of life BEFORE life!

The miracles of spirits are amazing!



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2 responses to “Spirit Baby Cries – A Shared Communication of How a Soul Chooses A Family and Body at Birth

  1. Hi Casey, As you can see by the post, neither of us knew right away what we were hearing…. Because I was not there with you during your experience, I can’t say exactly what it was, however, you probably have narrowed down the options.

    I don’t think watching that movie had anything to do with it — if you feel strongly that it did, then perhaps you did imagine it. Otherwise, you may have been lucky enough to hear the spirit. Certainly you are much younger than I am, so you may be at a point where you might be able to pick up sounds (clairaudience) at certain times.

    As for the pain, obviously, you should be seeing your doctor if you are worried. Again, connecting the movie with the sound seems more like imagination…just my opinion. One must also be objective in what they experience. Sort through what you feel inside, what the sound was like, write down the date, and see what happens from there. Sometimes we are lucky to just “know” or to “hear.” I knew the moment I had gotten pregnant with my daughter. Now that she is a young adult, I understand precisely why she chose me. It is a special gift to be chosen by a soul, and both you and they will have reasons for why you were brought together. I think it is a blessing to have been chosen to be parents to a new soul.

    If you’re asking is this the spirit of the one who recently passed – I would not know. My hunch would tell me that maybe the other soul had to leave for various reasons, and now a new one (probably not the same one) is here to take its place.

    Keep yourself healthy, and love your new little soul. Just keep in mind that they do choose the parent, so be the best parents you can be.


  2. casey

    Hi…. I feel a lil nuts and wanted to ask how you might feel about this. My husband and I lost our baby in September of 2013. We haven’t been very affectionate towards each other however we recently found that we are expecting once again. I’ve been in a lot of pain today and we were watching the conjuring. After the movie we were sitting in silence and I heard the slight sound of a baby. I’ve been trying to find out what exactly this might mean and I’m hoping you could help. Feel free to text me at 4358309510 as I’m a lil curious toi your answer. Thank you very much and I lookforward to your response.

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