Hear & Speak to Spirits

Yes, I am finally writing a book!  It is a special book about the modern life of spirits and how to reach them.  My manuscript is at my editor’s right now.  Then the rewrite, and then…you should be able to purchase it!

In my new book, I teach you little known, but very effective tips for hearing and feeling ghosts and spirits.

You will learn more about my experiences in the wild world of spirits (okay, they’re not that wild, but I want to generate enthusiasm!).  There are secrets of my life I finally reveal.  And there are experiences of which I have never written.

The exciting part is that I give explicit instructions about how YOU can feel and hear spirits near you.  Often I hear from others that you just need to “meditate.” Meditating is fine, however, I think down-to-earth exercises where you are actively involved are more useful.  And that is what I will teach you.

It’s been a rough road to this book, and I hope that you’ll not only find my life story and how I’ve used this “thing” interesting. Is it a gift, is it just a human anomaly, or something else?  And is there even an answer?

Follow me on Twitter – @SharonTenney – for updates, or send me your email and I will keep a list when it is available.  Just use the Subject: Your Book, and send to:  sharontenney@yahoo.com

After this book is completed, I hope to also give workshops to give you hands-on experience with the exercises I write about. It’s more personal for us to work together – and you get real-life experience in how to do this on your own.

Thank you to my readers and friends, and also to the ghosts and spirits who have enlivened my life and made me a believer!   I’m so excited to teach you easily understood and usable ways to help you to learn to reach spirits, too!  I can’t wait!


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