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Sharon Tenney, Psychic Medium, is from Buffalo, New York, originally.  She is a social worker, writer, drawing teacher — and a psychic medium!

Sharon has had many, many psychic experiences.  She attributes this ability to not only just being born with it, but by development of consciousness, spirituality, giving, and compassion.  Sharon is not materialistic, and as Edgar Cayce, she has never had much wealth.  However, she lives in Santa Cruz, California, that has a wealth of natural beauty, an open attitude, and an accepting population.

Sharon has lived in many places around the country and traveled extensively.  She has lived in New York State; Arizona; Colorado; Seattle, Washington, and now California.  The Santa Cruz, California, area is where she raised her daughter.  As with many things that happen through spirituality moving to Santa Cruz where she now resides involved serendipity.

Sharon’s psychic experiences range from clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling).  Many times she has “felt” or “seen” or “heard” voices and people in her readings.  Sometimes they are mental images, and other times they are actual manifestations of spirit in the form of movies, literal touch, holographic images (spirits that look like what you see in Disneyland at the Haunted House), and actual voices, just as if someone is standing right there next to her.  These experiences do seem odd, maybe unbelievable, however, they do happen.  How and why they do, and why for whom, are still a mystery.

Sharon also can fall very deeply into a trance-like state.  She is awake, however, there are times she does not remember what she has said.  After many years of people telling her what she had said happened, or the vivid confirmation she received that she did not know about herself, makes it necessary that if you have a reading with her, to please record it.  There is no guarantee that she will not fall so deeply into this trance-like state that she does not remember.  Recording your reading is highly recommended.

There is much to Sharon that is complex.  This has been a part of her life all her life Thus, the reason she has this site now, because with age, it is evident her gift will one day leave with her — so she feels an obligation to serve on a more regular basis because of her age, knowing that many people who say they have the gift, often don’t.  She feels it is important to share her gift as much as possible at this point in time, so that, hopefully, evidence will emerge to show that life after death does indeed exist.

Sharon is very analytical, down-to-earth, and you would probably not know if you met her without knowing her history, just what she is capable of doing psychically.  She holds a Master’s of Social Work from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  She has a very intuitive side and a very common-sense side.  She is also very tiny — big things can sure come out of small people!  Perhaps some day your soul will meet hers, as she believes that we often meet souls we knew before — she has experienced it frequently.  Sometimes we just “feel” like we “know” someone as soon as we meet them — and you probably did in the past!  Be good to your friends — you never know when you will meet them again!


[I took this photo in Santa Cruz, California, where I live.  It’s such a typical Santa Cruz scene, and I am always in awe of the surfers here!]

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  1. Great site:) Me from C.D…would love to visit beautiful CA coast

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