Check below for links to interviews and podcasts.

I’ve been asked to participate in various events and interviews.  If you are interested in interviewing me or having a psychic perspective for your website, blog, radio show, article or event, or having me present a demonstration reading to a large group, or a workshop, you can reach me at:   Please leave your name, what kind of event/interview, and a contact phone number so that we can discuss these opportunities.   Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to talking to you!

I am also available for corporate events in which I teach professionals how to find their own psychic side.  As you know, many creative individuals are also intuitive.  These corporate events teach your employees how to tap into that creative/intuitive/psychic side more easily.  I have lots of experience with “odd” ways of coming up with things, and this development workshop helps many in business to hone their own psychic abilities to know when to jump on an idea, and how to reach for that elusive idea.  Intuition and psychic abilities go hand-in-hand.  Learn tricks of how to fine tune this ability.

For more information about me, my readings, affidavits of accuracy of my readings, and other information, please visit my website: or email me at:

Thank you!


Podcasts and Interviews

My recent interview with Ryan Singer.

Podcast Interview: Sharon Tenney Psychic Medium with Ryan Singer

He’s a wonderful host and a great man.  A man of many talents!

This is about many of my experiences and he had very good questions and pulled out a lot of information that I had not thought about before.

I hope you enjoy it and visit his site while you are linked in.  Thanks Ryan!


Interview in The

Group Past Life Memory Evoked by Pachelbel Canon at Edgar Cayce Clinic – Part 1

Group Past Life Memory at Edgar Cayce Clinic, Phoenix, AZ – Part 2

Thank you, Martha Jette!


A radio show interview on the International X-Zone:

Thank you, Rob McConnell!


An interview for a blog on a beauty product website called Hola Beauty.

Here is the link to that interview and blog post:

Psychics and Beauty – A Psychic Shows You How to Use Your Intuition for Fashion Beauty


My Book!

My Book About Spirits & How YOU Can Reach Them, Too!

My manuscript is back from my editor now.  Looking good!

The book is about not only my own experiences, but…there are sections in the book that clearly tell you how to “feel” and “hear” spirits for yourself!

As you can tell by my blog, I’m very direct, and clear about what I want to convey.  And what I want to convey is that there are easy ways to learn how to become more in tune and eventually “hear”or “see” spirits, too.  It is broken down in simple step-by-step , so I’m not telling people to sit and meditate and it will happen because I don’t believe that.  It might, if you already have mediumship, but for those who want to learn, I give easy, explicit instructions – down-to-earth like I am, and clearly explained.

Please let me know if you want to be notified when it is released – just send me and email with the Subject Line “Your Book”  and I will let you know when it is published. Mail to:

I’m giving away no secrets now, but soon I will be!  And you will easily find ways to connect.  I’ve had a lifetime of experiences, and I am (ironically) also very analytical and broke it all down for easy use for you to learn ways to connect with the spirit world!

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