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Edgar Cayce Clinic Reincarnation Group Karma Experience


One of my most amazing experiences involved the Edgar Cayce group.  Here is my “group karma” reincarnation experience with the Edgar Cayce Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

It all started in the winter of 1977 in Buffalo, New York. It was quite a year of discovery for me. I had not been involved in parapsychology or metaphysics, but I had my own experiences. This particular year, things began to snowball.

A friend of mine, nick-named Houdi, from Pennsylvania had come back to Buffalo to visit. While there, he gave me a ride in his new car and while in the car, he put on a beautiful piece of music. I was so enchanted and asked what it was. He wouldn’t tell me. Houdi merely said, “I will send you a record of it — I want to make sure you have the best recording.”

The next week arrived the record in the mail. It was the Musical Heritage Society’s recording of Pachabel’s Canon in D Major.

I decided to make this a special treat for myself. I made a pot of freshly brewed tea, lit some candles, burned sweet incense, and put on the record. With the cold winter snow outside, and the warmth of the heated inside, I relaxed on the sofa. As I gazed at the white wall across from the sofa, I listened to the sweet violins of the Canon. The violins began to swell, and as they did, suddenly…out of nowhere…appeared a MOVIE in MID-AIR in front of me! It was about three feet tall and two and a half feet wide, in color. It looked like a movie does that is projected on a wall without a screen — sort of transparent. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I continued to stare at this “movie.” It appeared to be in a castle ballroom. I could see the stones of the castle. A man and a woman were slowly dancing. They each had on powered wigs, and she had on a hooped dress, and he had ruffled cuffs. As they continued to dance, I began to sob and cried out: “That’s the happiest I’ve ever been; that’s the happiest I’ve ever been.” At the same time, I kept thinking in my head, “I must be going crazy, I must be going crazy.”

I watched the movie while the Canon finished, and then just as suddenly as it appeared, the movie faded away. I had NO idea what to make of it. And I knew no one who was interested in paranormal things. I was alone.

As the year progressed, I learned about Edgar Cayce. I had been attending yoga classes, and heard someone mention his name — for some reason, it intrigued me, and I bought the book: “Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet” by Jess Stearn. Suddenly, it became clear to me. The concepts discussed were things I had never been taught, but intuitively felt.

This year was quite special and packed with new experiences. This was only one of many. (I will relate other “karmic” connections to the A.R.E. in another entry.) By winter of 1979, I had obtained a job at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment — Edgar Cayce) Clinic — a holistic health clinic that was based on Cayce’s medical readings, and incorporated a wide range of modalities.

When I first arrived at the clinic, I walked from office to office. The clinic was an old motel where the rooms had been made into various offices. There was also a swimming pool in the middle of the complex, palm trees shaded the yard, and a fig tree stood tall at the very end.

As I wandered from office to office, I heard the same piece of music coming from each office: the Pachelbel Canon! I couldn’t believe my ears! I finally went up to the Clinic nurse, Peggy, and told her about my experience the first time I heard that piece of music. All she said was, “We know more about it than that.” I was stunned.

About six months after joining the clinic, there was a huge staff gathering at the “Oak House,” a house that the clinic owned and used mainly for out-of-town medical patients and guests. At this staff gathering, one of the exercises we were instructed to do was to meditate to music: “Music and Memory,” it was called.

We took separate places throughout the house and quietly waited for music to start. During the hour of music, one of the pieces played was the Pachelbel Canon. During this time of hearing it, I did not have that same vision. After the music and memory exercise was completed, we gathered in the living room to share our experiences.

About 75% of the people there had the same castle ballroom memory. As each person added their memory, it was pieced together. It was in France, and we were the upper-class (well, I can see I must have done something wrong with money then, because I sure don’t have it now!). As the ball progressed, the French Revolution had begun, and soldiers raced in and interrupted the ball. Many people at the clinic were crying also. So many of us had lost sons, or husbands, or other family to the war. One man remembered having to leave the country as he was part of the government then. It was so overwhelming to hear each story so like mine.

Eventually, I left the clinic and moved to Colorado. However, I still remain friends with various people from that time. And I will never, ever forget that wonderful, yet surprising, group karma experience. What a wonderful affirmation and confirmation to know that we not only travel through time and space, but we travel with our friends.

And, you never know, we might, too, be linked by time and space. I may not remember your face and name, but I could never forget your soul!


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Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Psychic, and Why I Admire Him

Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Psychic and Why I Admire Him

Edgar Cayce was a very famous psychic medium who died in 1945.  He gave over 14,000 readings in his lifetime, and most of them were all transcribed and remain in a collection at the A.R.E. – Association for Research and Enlightenment – in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I just completed reading “The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce,” edited by A. Robert Smith.  This is Cayce’s story in his own words, and I highly recommend it for you to hear from his own thoughts how he felt about his unique ability.

As many of you may know, Edgar Cayce was able to put himself into a deep trance, and during this trance state could be asked questions (the majority of his readings focus on health, however, he later began to give “life” readings about past lives, psychic topics, and many other subjects).   The readings were recorded by a stenographer, and then typed up – one copy for the patient/client, and one copy for their archives.  Fortunately, people realized that this was valuable information and they early on began compiling the entire readings.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment – this link will tell you more about him — Association for Research & Enlightenment — is a gold mine of information about psychic development, experiences, life purpose, qualities we should try to attain, phenomena, and many other fascinating topics.  I urge you to go through it.

One thing I found extremely interesting, personally, was that during one of his readings, he was told about HIS own past lives.  And…..one of them was in France during that same time period that I also saw a “movie” in full color appear outside of me for a good ten minutes and I “saw” me and someone else dancing in a castle ballroom.  It was then that the soldiers came in and announced that the French Revolution had begun!  Cayce was there, too!   No wonder I was so drawn to the A.R.E. and to the Edgar Cayce Medical Clinic (A.R.E. Clinic) in Phoenix, Arizona, at the time I worked there.  (This is my story with that same group: Edgar Cayce Clinic Group Reincarnation Experience )

I always wondered why I was so drawn to him, his work, and the people I worked with in Phoenix – we all shared similar experiences during that French lifetime.  It made me feel more connected (and not as crazy – lol) to know that I had a reason for my attachment.

We don’t have an Edgar Cayce anymore, and most people don’t get to have “movies” appear to them in mid-air to show where they may have lived before.  I’ve been fortunate to have had many diverse psychic experiences.  But I am NO Edgar Cayce.  However, I AM grateful for his Search for God books that came from years of readings to compile information on how to live a “proper” life (that’s what I call it).   I currently still belong to an on-line A.R.E. Group, because his inspiration, information and the guidance one gets from these groups are invaluable.

Edgar Cayce’s humility, kindness, generosity, and living with poverty, is inspirational.  He easily saw “beyond” the mundane material world.  That is something I would like all people to recognize.  The material is just that:  material.  It does not go with us.  As long as we have a place to live, enough food to eat, and have friends, then you are good to go! 🙂

As for my own readings, they vary from Cayce’s.  I sometimes drop into that “not remembering” trance state, but often I am in a different trance state – one in which I can remember parts of it.

I also found it comforting to know that Cayce found it easier and more difficult to read various individuals.  Sometimes I am very critical of my own work, and I become frustrated if I find a person hard to read.  Cayce attributed this to where the person he read for was spiritually.  Sometimes I get a LOAD of information, phenomena, all kinds of things, and other times, it’s like pulling teeth (ouch!).  I wish I could predict ahead of time how a reading will go, so it made me feel better when I learned that he, too, found some people easier than others to read….maybe that is just a feature of this work.

I wish Edgar Cayce were still around.  I was fortunate enough to meet his son Hugh Lynn Cayce when I worked at the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix.  I was also fortunate to meet Jess Stearn, who wrote the book about Cayce:  “Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet.”  I also had a serendipitous experience when I visited the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach – but I’ll leave that for another post.

In the meantime, please explore the life of Edgar Cayce — you may find it very interesting and inspirational.  I do believe he lived God’s will, and his innate knowledge that it is not the material but the spiritual world that defines us is a good lesson for us all!


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