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ELLEN BURSTYN, Mystic Sufis and NOT the Ya Ya Sisterhood — My Weekend at her Home with the Mystical Lettuce Spinner


The movie, The Ya Ya Sisterhood, made me remember my weekend stay at the home of actress, Ellen Burstyn, in the late 1970s. This experience also demonstrates how certain synchronistic events can lead to an interesting adventure.

At this stage in my life, I had become very interested in holistic health. I was working at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Buffalo, New York, and I was very discouraged and, often, upset with the way patients were treated. I had come to the conclusion that a holistic approach to health was more humane and afforded the patient more respect. Thus, I made the decision that I wanted to actually WORK in holistic health.

I did not know then that the Edgar Cayce foundation had a medical clinic (the one referred to in my previous diary entry called ‘The Edgar Cayce Reincarnation Group Karma Experience’). So, I began a search for someplace to be that would help me help others through holistic health.

I was in my Search for God (Edgar Cayce) study group which met weekly. There were only about 4 or 5 of us, however, it kept me connected with spiritual ideals which were of vital importance to me. We would meet in a different person’s home each week, read passages from the Search for God books that were derived from Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings. We’d then discuss their meaning, and find ways to apply the discussed ideals in our lives that week. I found it very fulfilling.

Thus, I was pretty tuned in at that time. I wasn’t married, didn’t have a child or major responsibilities, and had lots of free time after work to delve into spiritual matters. It was a good time.

My search for my place in holistic health began. One day I had picked up a magazine – I’m not even sure now which one, but probably something like “Whole Life.” I read some articles and then perused the ads. I’ve found ads to be very stimulating in generating ideas. (I never BUY the products, but I can get some great ideas from them!)

I ran across an ad for The World Symposium on Humanity to be held the summer of 1979, to be videotaped between London, Toronto, and Los Angeles. It mentioned the numerous famous people who would be speaking and they seemed to be of a New Age orientation. It didn’t specifically mention holistic health, however, it just had that “feel” to it. So, I wrote to the address in the ad, explaining that I was looking for a job in the holistic health field. And I waited.

About two weeks later, I received a call in Buffalo at about 1:00 a.m. – I was sound asleep. The call came from someone named Guru Raj Singh in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Guru Raj Singh said he read my letter and wondered if I was still interested in something in holistic health? “Yes, certainly,” I said. So, he said there might be an Administrative Assistant position with The World Symposium on Humanity. Because I was in Buffalo, he asked if I could go to New York City to meet him there for an interview? In fact, would I spend the entire weekend there, working with the Symposium coordinators – I could take notes, transcribe them, do whatever needed to be done of a clerical nature for them? I jumped at the chance. We agreed to meet the next weekend in Manhattan.

Fortunately, my friend, Paul Boroff, a pharmacist I knew from the University of Buffalo was now working at Sloan-Kettering (Cancer) Hospital in Manhattan. I called him and asked if I could spend a night there while I was waiting to meet this Guru Raj Singh. Paul is very conservative, and he agreed, but with trepidation.

I arrived in New York and went to Paul’s apartment. It was small, as are many New York apartments. He wanted to know just what I was doing there and who this Guru Raj Singh was. I explained about the World Symposium on Humanity and that Guru Raj Singh would meet me at Paul’s apartment the next morning.

The next morning came, and Guru Raj Singh appeared at the door. Paul opened it, and there was this man: in a totally white outfit, a white turban wrapped around his head, a dark beard and mustache, and a silver knife at his waist. I thought Paul would faint right on the spot! Paul turned to me, gave me a very pained and twisted look, and rapidly whispered: “Sharon, do you have ANY idea what you are getting yourself into??????!!!” Being (probably overly) trusting, I assured him it was okay, and followed Guru Raj Singh to a waiting cab.

I learned that Guru Raj Singh was a Sikh, someone who followed the teachings of Guru Ram Das. I asked him where we were going and he explained that the hostess of the World Symposium on Humanity was an actress living outside New York City. Her name was Ellen Burstyn.

Actually, I’m not very impressed by famous people only because one of my sisters was famous in gymnastics (she won 3rd place against the Russians in the 1977 World Games in Moscow), and I know that famous people aren’t any different (except they have more publicity, and some have more money). So, quite honestly, I didn’t even KNOW who Ellen Burstyn was.

The cab dropped us off at a huge stone home next to the Hudson River near Palisades, New York. Walking toward the door, it opened and there were two young men and a woman with greasy, reddish-blonde hair, about chin-length, with a long mu-mu, and bare feet. The woman introduced herself: “Hi, I’m Hadia, and we’re going to go to the store – make yourself at home.” Guru Raj Singh and I entered into the kitchen area, he took me to a small office, and I asked, “Where’s Ellen?” He quizzically looked at me, and said, “You just met her.” I said, “No I didn’t. I didn’t meet anyone named Ellen.” He kind of rolled his eyes and then said, “THAT was Ellen – Hadia is her SUFI name!” Hmmm, I guess I had a LOT more to learn!!

I discovered that this huge home was Ellen’s. However, she shared it with a couple of struggling actors who rented rooms there. On the wall hung photos of sufis dancing and spinning in mystic meditation. Being summer, it was lovely. There was a huge yard facing the river. A wooden, winding staircase led upstairs. I ended up having my own room, with a fireplace, adjoining Guru Raj Singh’s room. Then I went back to the office, where I was shown the desk and typewriter – in the room were posters of Ellen’s plays and shows she had been in, and a golden statue stood in there. In a way, I wish I had known about her beforehand, because I think all the things I was seeing would have had more meaning. But to me, she was just a kind hostess.

That weekend was a whirlwind of activity. I don’t even remember all the people who were there. Many names were a blur. I was pretty nervous and shy. There were lots of little focus groups meeting. I had a tape recorder and taped their conversations for later transcription (which ended up being nearly impossible).

We had a wonderful dinner one night. It was held in the glorious dining room. We had shrimp, salads, Vichyssoise (cold French potato soup) and other delicious foods. I remember Ellen helping in the kitchen, surrounded by mismatched silverware, cutting up vegetables when the phone rang. She sounded agitated at the phone call. She hung up exasperated and exclaimed “That Muhammad Ali, he wants to come over and I told him ‘No!’ – he just monopolizes conversations!” Well, that was interesting.

There were lots of pillows scattered in the living room, music, singing, and a dancer named Zuleikha. You know, I never got a lot done. It was actually a pretty disorganized group.

And what did I bring away from this weekend visit at Ellen Burstyn’s house? Was it like the Ya Ya Sisterhood?? No, it was the lettuce spinner. Huh? You may ask. What about the lettuce spinner? What can I say? There was something about it that just grabbed me. I came away from her home desperately wanting a lettuce spinner! Eventually, I DID get my very own lettuce spinner. It was very symbolic to me.

Now, you may ask, why wasn’t I focused on the rich and famous? A lettuce spinner?? Actually, though, I think it’s a fitting memory. You see, I think even the most mundane objects can elicit higher meanings – just like that simple ad resulted in this wonderful weekend. It’s a spiritual lettuce spinner. Remember Hadia and the Sufis? I think that lettuce spinner was a spiritual clue, a link to a higher realm, a symbolic thrust into a new world. After all, each time that lettuce spinner spins, I see the dancing mystical Sufis…..and Hadia……spinning, spinning, spinning……..

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A Child’s Past Life Memory in the Bathtub


I have a very intense reincarnation experience I want to relate — but not today, as I need to do it on an evening when I have more time. So….today, I will relate about an experience that my daughter had. Actually, this can be useful information for others, and, especially, parents.

Children seem to have more vivid memories of past lives. (Dr. Ian Stevenson has written extensively — with a more scientific bent — about children’s memories of past lives, and I recommend him.)

When my daughter, Celene, was about 3 years old, she was taking a bath, which she normally loved. As I was bathing her, suddenly she screamed out: “Get the boy away, get the boy away!! He’s going to hurt me!!” And she was terrified.

I looked behind me, and throughout our tiny bathroom — nothing — just me and Celene and the bathtub. I suppose it could have been a spirit boy, however, I didn’t feel or see anything, and just the way she reacted made me think that she ‘knew’ what the events were ahead of time. I tried to calm her down and told her that there was no boy there. She just wanted out of the tub, so I took her out, dried her off, and she didn’t speak of it that night.

Again, I was bathing her on another night, when again she screamed out: “Get the boy away, get the boy away — he’s going to hurt me!” By this time, I had had time to think over the previous incident and realized that it may have been a past life memory. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask her to describe the boy, but she was just too upset to talk to anyway.

I thought that she may have been drowned, or murdered under water in a past life, and she was reliving it.

At this point of her fear of this “boy,” I started to talk to her: “There is no boy here now. You are safe. You are Celene now, and I am your mother. The boy is no longer here. You are safe.”

I still got her out of the tub.

One more night she again became afraid of “the boy.” “Get the boy away, get the boy away, he’s going to hurt me!” Again, I tried to soothe her: “You are no longer there. The boy is gone. You are here in Buffalo with me. I am your mother now. You are safe. That is over. You are safe. You are Celene now, and you are safe.”

Once more, taking her out of the tub, I kept talking about how the boy could no longer hurt her, who she was now, and how she was safe.

And that was the last I heard of it with her. And she no longer remembers these incidents.

Celene was still young enough to remember, and the water must have brought back these memories. I know of another friend of mine whose son had repetitive dreams of an Indian man on a horse, and the horse and the Indian crashing off a huge, high cliff to their deaths. She also walked him through who he was now, that he was safe, and he didn’t need to be afraid anymore. And he, like my daughter, finally was at peace and no longer had the continual nightmares of the Indian and the horse plunging to their deaths. So, keep reminding the child or person of who they are now, and that they are safe. Safety is a big factor.

Does Celene remember more? Not really, although the monks at the Buddhist monastery that she was drawn to on her own, “recognized” her as having been “one of us.” Plus, Celene, who is now 12, has not eaten beef, or “cow” as she calls it since she was six. And her fascination with Asia — perhaps a Buddhist life in Asia somewhere.

I don’t think that everything we like or person we meet is from a past life. It’s probably a little of both: some people we may have known forever, and new souls to know and learn with.

However, occasionally we are allowed glimpses into what had been. I have only had a few glimpses from the past (I wish I had more — they might be helpful). But one, in particular, with the group of people with whom I worked at the Edgar Cayce Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, was the most remarkable because so many people had shared the same memory independently at different times and in different cities and states. And that will be next.

Although I think that past lives are certainly a real possibility (you know me, the skeptic), I also believe something else which is more important than whether or not reincarnation exists. And that is that we are still HERE in THIS world, in THIS body, in THIS place and time. So, to dwell on what WAS, can hinder what IS or can be. To use the information wisely is one thing, however, being so attached to the past life may not be helpful. Therefore, just like with any experience in life — the past may help to shape you in certain ways, help you along in the present to understand certain behaviors or feelings, however, we still live in THIS moment in time. And this is where we must currently work on ourselves.

So, the past was the future and the future is now. And our present just skipped by! Yikes, where DOES the time go!

Just remember, be kind to the people you meet — because you may be sharing more than just THIS lifetime together!

Until we meet again…..

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Edgar Cayce Clinic Reincarnation Group Karma Experience


One of my most amazing experiences involved the Edgar Cayce group.  Here is my “group karma” reincarnation experience with the Edgar Cayce Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

It all started in the winter of 1977 in Buffalo, New York. It was quite a year of discovery for me. I had not been involved in parapsychology or metaphysics, but I had my own experiences. This particular year, things began to snowball.

A friend of mine, nick-named Houdi, from Pennsylvania had come back to Buffalo to visit. While there, he gave me a ride in his new car and while in the car, he put on a beautiful piece of music. I was so enchanted and asked what it was. He wouldn’t tell me. Houdi merely said, “I will send you a record of it — I want to make sure you have the best recording.”

The next week arrived the record in the mail. It was the Musical Heritage Society’s recording of Pachabel’s Canon in D Major.

I decided to make this a special treat for myself. I made a pot of freshly brewed tea, lit some candles, burned sweet incense, and put on the record. With the cold winter snow outside, and the warmth of the heated inside, I relaxed on the sofa. As I gazed at the white wall across from the sofa, I listened to the sweet violins of the Canon. The violins began to swell, and as they did, suddenly…out of nowhere…appeared a MOVIE in MID-AIR in front of me! It was about three feet tall and two and a half feet wide, in color. It looked like a movie does that is projected on a wall without a screen — sort of transparent. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I continued to stare at this “movie.” It appeared to be in a castle ballroom. I could see the stones of the castle. A man and a woman were slowly dancing. They each had on powered wigs, and she had on a hooped dress, and he had ruffled cuffs. As they continued to dance, I began to sob and cried out: “That’s the happiest I’ve ever been; that’s the happiest I’ve ever been.” At the same time, I kept thinking in my head, “I must be going crazy, I must be going crazy.”

I watched the movie while the Canon finished, and then just as suddenly as it appeared, the movie faded away. I had NO idea what to make of it. And I knew no one who was interested in paranormal things. I was alone.

As the year progressed, I learned about Edgar Cayce. I had been attending yoga classes, and heard someone mention his name — for some reason, it intrigued me, and I bought the book: “Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet” by Jess Stearn. Suddenly, it became clear to me. The concepts discussed were things I had never been taught, but intuitively felt.

This year was quite special and packed with new experiences. This was only one of many. (I will relate other “karmic” connections to the A.R.E. in another entry.) By winter of 1979, I had obtained a job at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment — Edgar Cayce) Clinic — a holistic health clinic that was based on Cayce’s medical readings, and incorporated a wide range of modalities.

When I first arrived at the clinic, I walked from office to office. The clinic was an old motel where the rooms had been made into various offices. There was also a swimming pool in the middle of the complex, palm trees shaded the yard, and a fig tree stood tall at the very end.

As I wandered from office to office, I heard the same piece of music coming from each office: the Pachelbel Canon! I couldn’t believe my ears! I finally went up to the Clinic nurse, Peggy, and told her about my experience the first time I heard that piece of music. All she said was, “We know more about it than that.” I was stunned.

About six months after joining the clinic, there was a huge staff gathering at the “Oak House,” a house that the clinic owned and used mainly for out-of-town medical patients and guests. At this staff gathering, one of the exercises we were instructed to do was to meditate to music: “Music and Memory,” it was called.

We took separate places throughout the house and quietly waited for music to start. During the hour of music, one of the pieces played was the Pachelbel Canon. During this time of hearing it, I did not have that same vision. After the music and memory exercise was completed, we gathered in the living room to share our experiences.

About 75% of the people there had the same castle ballroom memory. As each person added their memory, it was pieced together. It was in France, and we were the upper-class (well, I can see I must have done something wrong with money then, because I sure don’t have it now!). As the ball progressed, the French Revolution had begun, and soldiers raced in and interrupted the ball. Many people at the clinic were crying also. So many of us had lost sons, or husbands, or other family to the war. One man remembered having to leave the country as he was part of the government then. It was so overwhelming to hear each story so like mine.

Eventually, I left the clinic and moved to Colorado. However, I still remain friends with various people from that time. And I will never, ever forget that wonderful, yet surprising, group karma experience. What a wonderful affirmation and confirmation to know that we not only travel through time and space, but we travel with our friends.

And, you never know, we might, too, be linked by time and space. I may not remember your face and name, but I could never forget your soul!


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German (Jewish) Past Life Memory While a Teenager

Sometimes we may experience a past life memory and not realize that is what it was. I had this kind of experience when I was about 13 and it was years later when I realized the significance of it.

I lived in a quiet neighborhood and used to take many walks. Occasionally, I would be on the sidewalk and I’d “see” — a kind of vague “vision” (there was sunlight and I think it was hard to get the kind of vision like the “movie” from the castle ballroom in my previous entry).

I’d be quietly walking along and then suddenly, out of nowhere, this “car” — an older model, black car (the kind like you’d see in movies with gangsters) with “riders” along the side of it would go by. Now, certainly I realized it wasn’t “real,” but it also certainly FELT real. As this car would go by, I’d become panicky, and then I’d begin to “run away” from it. As I’d run, I’d be “dodging” bullets. Now, how I knew it was bullets, I don’t know. But I’d run in zig zags to avoid them.

It is very strange when these visions hit. Unlike schizophreniza, where one feels that visions are actually part of the reality, psychics know that they are not. This happened a few times during this age. It wasn’t until years later that it made sense.

Now, not long after this time period, I was in 9th grade and I was required to learn a language in high school. Our school often directed students into languages based on their ethnic background. My great-grandmother on my mother’s side was from Germany, so I was placed in a German language class. That was a big mistake.

In this German class, all I remember is (in German, which I don’t remember the correct spelling of, so I will give the English version) “I go to the door.”

The German language revolted me. I mean it truly revolted me. Each coarse sound grated on my nerves and scraped up my spine. It was awful. During that first week of the class, I bolted to the guidance counselor’s office and DEMANDED that I be taken out of that German class! I mean, I was frantic! It was explained that because I had a German family member, that I should take German. I refused. I INSISTED on being placed in another language class — I didn’t care WHAT it was, as long as it was NOT German!!

Well, I guess it was apparent how upset I was, and I was placed in a Spanish class — much to my relief. That language I could handle. (And years later, I spent three wonderful weeks in Spain — my favorite country in Europe!)

After graduating from high school and going to the local university, I had a strong attraction to Judaism. I had no idea why, only that I felt extremely comfortable with it. I loved the religion, I made a great chicken and matzo ball soup, I attended various temples with friends. I wanted to convert at one point, but my Jewish friends all told me that I would never be considered a “real” Jew, but merely a convert. So, I sadly didn’t.

Upon studying the holocaust and reincarnation, it finally dawned on me. The black old car with riders on the side, the bullets, my deep aversion to German, and my strong attraction to Judaism — I sincerely believe I was a Jew during the German holocaust. Thus, my disgust with the German language, my fear of the car and bullets (Jews were known to be shot down in the streets — and “The Diary of Anne Frank” I read and re-read as a teenager), my attraction to Judaism, and my relief with Spanish (probably another past life connection I do not consciously remember).

I just remember how fervently I desperately needed to get out of that German class — I will never forget the horror and repulsion I felt hearing German spoken (sorry, Great Gramma).

Of course, other particular likes and dislikes MAY have roots in past lives, but they may simply be just preferences. I do not relate all feelings or attractions to past lives — I do believe many preferences (probably most) are just the result of our current lives. Plus, it really doesn’t matter so much about the past, because we still have to live in the here and now. And, that, truly is what is important.

However, I wanted to share that with you because this simple example made such a big impact on my life. And sometimes, just maybe, what we feel extremely strong about or against, may be a “clue” to our past life history.

So, please remember that we are all in this together. Let’s make history together!

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Past Lives and You!

Sky TreeSky Tree In Tokyo

Today I want to talk a bit about past lives.  I’ve had numerous people who would like me to tell them what their past lives were.  I know there are many books out there, and lots of people who give workshops, and there is also past life regression through hypnotherapy.  Keep in mind, though, that it is the rare individual who can drop into a deep hypnotic state where those memories may be.  I’d like to tell you my take on past lives and how you might be able to jog your own memories.

I’m not a past-life regression person – I’ve had my own memories, and I’ve observed my daughter’s, but I don’t regress people. I am just a plain old psychic medium. Sometimes I get things from people, but, honestly, I prefer information that can be confirmed — I am a skeptical medium.  I can’t confirm past lives, so I don’t even try to go into them for people. 

I guess I’m fortunate to have had some unusual encounters with past lives just on my own.  My strength lies in connecting with other people on the “Other Side,” and that is my main focus. Of course, sometimes it takes other routes, but I don’t try to do that – if it happens, it happens, if not, then it doesn’t.

 I think the best way to handle what we may think is a past life influence, is to logically go through what we have encountered and see how that fits. I have to admit, I don’t think I would have thought of France as one of my past lives, but I did have the Edgar Cayce Clinic experience, so that solidified my “vision” for me.   [You can read about it here: “Edgar Cayce Clinic Group Reincarnation Experience“]

 When I was 23, I married a man, (and later discovered I have this weird thing where I see an … electrical wire…or something that looks like that – sparks or whatever) when two people meet who are supposed to be together; this has happened to me about four times now, and each couple has married.  Oddly, I remember “seeing” that same thing I saw with other couples, with him.  [Unfortunately, I can only see it the instant they first meet – not later.]

The man I married long ago had a mom who was a Mohawk Indian and she was also a medium (although at the time I didn’t know about those labels). She knew immediately that we would be married.  Unfortunately, he was a drug addict and overdosed and died when I was 25.  I can only guess that he and I had to still come together, no matter for how short a time….I’m still not sure why, but I can’t forget that “light” that happened, and he also appeared to me in a dream.  I still don’t know the exact reason for our being together during this horrific time, however, it is apparent to me that it was “meant to be.”  I do not think everything in life is meant to be, and I do think we have many choices.  However, I also do believe that some things really ARE meant to be – if you look at your own life, you may find those that do seem predestined. 

Remember that “pre-destiny” is really a part of our overall grand plan for this life.  Pay special attention to particular people or incidents or interactions that seem to just come out of the blue, or lead you into other ventures.  Often these are “designs” that you may have “chosen” before you came here.  But in-between those “meant to be” life experiences, are many times that YOU get to choose and form your own future life to come.  By that I mean, be careful of what you do, how you treat people, the things you choose to take precedence in your life – they could come back later to “haunt” you.

There are often “clues” to what our past lives may have been. Sometimes you can get a feel for yourself or others by observing their behaviors, likes and dislikes, and the people whom they know.  For instance, my daughter is quite obsessed with Asia. When she was only three years old, she walked like a “geisha,” and had her hands inside her robe, and her feet moved very slowly — at the time, I didn’t “get it.”  I did write about one of her past life memories that kept popping up while she was in the bathtub.  [You can find that here:  “A Child’s Past Life Memory in the Bathtub.”]

At age 9, her obsession for things Asian was getting stronger.  She started to teach herself Japanese.  At that point, she had already – on her own – insisted that we attend a Burmese Buddhist Monastery here in California. Celene was only six years old when we stumbled on this monastery, and after a meeting with the monks, she turned to me as we were going out the door and said:  “I think I should come back here.”  Being just a little kid, I questioned this and asked, “Why?”  She answered, “I don’t know, I just do.”  I have now learned that is her pat answer to things that seemingly are from her past.

This marvelous sanctuary was not an American-style Buddhist monastery with symmetrical little cushions to sit on, and everything neat and orderly – this was an authentic Burmese monastery. The cushions of various colors, shapes and sizes were tossed into a corner of the big wooden building that was warmed by a big wood stove.  The altar was just a large wooden table, and was “guarded” by two lions!  The “lions” were two stuffed animal lions – which always made me giggle when I saw them. 

The monastery building was a bit messy.  The monks were all from Burma, except once in awhile there would be one from another country.  We had a good monk friend from India who had to return there later.  We also were quite close to a monk we called Uttama, and he was a former Ambassador to the United States from Burma!  He was now in his eighties and his dream was to be a monk – thus, Uttama affectionately called himself a “baby monk.”  We adored him and became fast friends.  He often would (contrary to the monastic image many people have of monks) hitch-hike into town dressed in his monastery clothes. He was also very funny and we had many belly laughs.  It was he who took my daughter aside when she was a young teenager and told her: “You were one of us.”  We were the only “white” people who attended this monastery (it is not advertised and you must stumble upon it to find it), and the devotees were all Asian.

Some ways that you can tell if you are tied to a past life of a certain kind are by your intense interests.  For instance, Celene exhibits (what I later discovered) were many Asian traits (such as when she eats, she always covers her mouth, especially if someone is talking to her and she is expected to reply). When I asked her, “Celene, why do you always cover your mouth when you are eating???”  she again replied, “I don’t know, I just do.”  This covering of the mouth comes from Asia where it is “impolite” to show one’s teeth….but I did not know that until a few years ago.

Now, at age 23, my daughter, Celene, just returned from two years in Asia — one year at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, and another year at the City University in Hong Kong.  She adored Asia!!  Celene is now proficient in Japanese, and she is continuing her studies in Cantonese.  Next on her list for proficiency is Mandarin.  She has only been back from Asia a few months now, but she is currently planning how to get back there to stay long-term.

Frankly, I think that although past lives are interesting, that it is better to define for oneself what one wants in this life.  Set various ideals and then pursue them — obviously, the earlier in life, the better. By setting good ideals, and consciously being aware of them, you will more likely draw in people of like mind. Unfortunately for me, I tended to draw in the misfits…. maybe that was part of my karma. I’m retired now, and I’m trying to “redo” some things – even at this late date. I want to turn things around, so that when I do pass, that, hopefully, I will have also passed the “tests” set out for me. I think we do have the ability to see, if we look carefully, just what kinds of lessons we needed to learn — or to reciprocate, in some cases.

For instance, have you found yourself needing money and not having much of it?  Maybe you were a tightwad or even a spendthrift in the past.  Perhaps you punished people who did not have money.  Or maybe you had great wealth and now you don’t; but now you appreciate those things that do not cost money:  friends, nature, love, pets  – it could be anything that doesn’t cost a lot of money.  Perhaps your selfishness in the past led to the lack of wealth now.  Or, do you now have money, and look down upon those who do not have it?  Perhaps you do not have the ability to see the person’s soul – which is much more powerful than their outside appearance.  Be careful if this is your case, as next time, you may be on the other end of this scenario, and be the very poor and struggling one.

I know that past lives can seem fascinating, yet, on the other hand, does it really matter?? We are in the here and now, so that should be our focus. We all experience ups and downs, and that IS part of life. If one is curious about remnants from the past, then look carefully at the paths that you have traveled, your interests, and the people you encounter. They can give you clues. Like my daughter — she is definitely an Asian girl in a white girl’s body. And I do support her in this, as it is obvious that her path is Asian….wherever it may take her.

Always remember that the people who are closest to you are often those with whom you have tangled before.  Observe your children, spouses and friends.   This is one big mystery game and the clues ARE there.   I believe that my dad (who some of you know passed last year – his photo is on my Facebook page) was in the Civil War.  He was OBSESSED with the Civil War.  He collected rifles from that time period.  As kids, our family vacations revolved around visiting Civil War sites.  He was an expert on every aspect of the Civil War – he knew every little skirmish.  Until he died, he continued to be obsessed with the Civil War.  When he would speak about it, I would watch him as tears rolled down his cheeks as he exclaimed “All those young men who died during that war!!” – the emotion was palpable.  Those are CLUES! I believe that with his strong obsession of the Civil War, that when he passed, he also met up with his old pals from then.

With a little common sense, a good deal of observation, juxtaposing what you have experienced against what you have learned (or not), you may be able to piece together parts of your life and see where you may have been before. But remember, we are NOT our past, so to speak, we truly are the here and now, and the past is like a school book which we read long ago, and sometimes we remember things we read.  Follow the “clues” as to which direction to follow.

Even if you never discover your exact past lives, don’t worry.  You have encountered them, regardless.  The important thing to remember is to be good to those you DO know.  Odds are that you have shared something with them in the past.  Sometimes you may just have a “feeling” as you meet someone who seems so familiar — they could be an old friend from your past.  Sometimes we might do a “double-take” as we walk down the sidewalk and see someone who sparks a strong feeling inside us – a feeling of “I think I know that person,” when you don’t in this life.  They may have been part of another past, but this time, you are only passing by on this stage we call “Life.”

These are just some ideas of what to look for when thinking about past lives.  Now, go and start observing!  😀  You never know what you will find!  Your first clue is hidden……..I can’t tell you….it’s your turn to find it!  Have fun, and maybe we will meet again – in another life! 🙂



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