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Notarized Legal Affidavits of Accuracy

When I first began giving readings to the public, I had people give me notarized affidavits of accuracy.  These will give you an idea of what is possible and how amazing a reading can be.  The affidavits were written by the actual person who had the reading.  These are legal documents and all of it is true.  Click the link below to see the actual affidavits.


This link takes you to my page that has notarized affidavits from after I got “outed” and began to give readings in Santa Cruz.

Go to the page, and in the left-hand margin, you will see a number of affidavits with titles.  As you go through the blog titles, you will recognize which posts are about which affidavits.

Just click on them, and you can see what people said in their own words about what came through during their reading.  I haven’t collected affidavits lately, but if you have a reading with me and would be kind enough to have one notarized, it would be appreciated.  I hope you enjoy hearing from some people who have sat with me!



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