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You will find a lot of information about how to have a reading with me at my site:  http://www.sharontenney.com

A Visit From My Dad – Our Story

Animal Spirits and Psychic Communication

Aunt’s Face Transfigured on Others’ Faces – A  Synchronistic Intuition Clue

“Bring In Your Tape Recorder” & Listen to Your Intuition

Buddhist Monks Recognize Daughter – Children are psychic

Can Spirits of the Dead See Us? — Red-haired Spirit Lady Sees ME and Bridging the Dimensions

Can the Dead – Spirits – TOUCH us? The Impact of the Shared Necklace

Child’s Past Life Memory in the Bathtub

Crystal Energy Fields and Psychic Sensitivity

Dreams and Spirit Communication

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Psychic, and Why I Admire Him

Edgar Cayce Clinic Reincarnation Group Karma Experience

ELLEN BURSTYN, Mystic Sufis and NOT the Ya Ya Sisterhood — My Weekend at her Home with the Mystical Lettuce Spinner

Freddie Mercury, Lead Singer of Queen, Rocks On

German (Jewish) Past Life Memory While a Teenager

Grampa’s Spirit TUGS on EAR to Communicate During Group Reading!

Grandmother’s Electrical Spirit Energy Surge Touches Me and Tells That: “It’s Okay.”

Gypsy Fortune Teller and the Palm Reading

Hindu Christian and Her Altar

How I Began Giving Mediumship Readings

How My Mediumship Readings Are Conducted

Irish Wake and A Will of Your Own

Knocking On Heaven’s Door. Don’t Be Late To Meet Your Loved One For A Reading Appointment!

LIFE AFTER DEATH EVIDENCE – Spirit of Louis Unexpectedly Jumps into Reading – No One Knew He Was Dead!

Mr. Cheese Cloth…the Psychic Medium Fraud

My Mom’s Spirit Wakes My Sister!

Notarized Affidavits of Accuracy about My Readings – The Actual Legal Documents

Notarized Affidavits of Accuracy Post on Blog

Past Lives and You!

Psychic And Mediumship Abilities And Bio-feedback

Psychics and Mediums Who Give Very Inaccurate Readings

Remote Viewing and Seeing Inside Someone’s House while Giving Readings

Roller Coaster of Life

Rosemary, Timothy Leary, Bob Dylan and the Muslin Cloth

Son Sends Messages To His Mother, Father and a THIRD Unexpected Person.  Three Different People!

Spirit Baby Cries – A Shared Communication of How a Soul Chooses A Family and Body at Birth

Spirit Guide Man Speaks Words of Wisdom

Spirit Produces Psychic Movie for After-Death Confirmation

Touched by a Spirit who Strokes My Hand to Give Message & the Portuguese Grampa

Spiritual Healing Nuns in Spirit at Lily Dale

TELEPATHY — Shock and Awe! — Someone may be listening!

What Happens When Mean People Die?

Wo Fat/Khigh Deigh from Hawaii 5-O….The I Ching Seminar

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This photo is of Hong Kong Harbor with the Ocean Park Amusement Park Perched on a Mountaintop! I loved Hong Kong!

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